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The First Year

101 days. I have been married to David Alan Fountain for 101 days. Already it seems to be years ago that we vowed our love and our hearts to each other and yet it was a mere 101 days ago. In those 101 days, I have come to learn so much about my husband. During the entirety of our pre-married relationship, we spent time together almost every day – or we at least talked on the phone. A few months into our courtship, a day where I didn’t at least see him was rare. Fast forward to engagement and…we were together every day. He was by my side daily working with me to pull our wedding off. He made “us” a priority and consistently encouraged me and helped me to refocus when I became overwhelmed. I know I could not have finished all that need to be done without his help…well, we might have needed to postpone the wedding to give me more time to finish everything. =)

Since we’ve been married, we have thoroughly enjoyed life side by side in so many of the small things (like grocery shopping and sitting in the back yard on a blanket as the sun goes down). We are working hard to balance life and schedules together, remembering that we are not two single persons anymore but a couple – what we do affects each other.

Our life consists of getting up and getting ready, eating breakfast and having quiet time, leaving for work, focusing on work and not on wanting to be home =), racing home to make dinner, going to the chiropractor, taking walks, working on Exodus Conference stuff, grocery lists, Quicken, Home Group, Date Night, Lost and Biggest Loser, laundry, keeping up with Steely, making bread and researching grass-fed and hormone-free beef, time with the family, eating dessert and other rather mundane things like these.

Life is a far cry from four months ago where I was racing from one catering vendor to the next and from one dress fitting to the next and from one store to the next…throwing in an all-nighter here and there on various tasks yet to be completed. We get to enjoy leisurely date nights and conversations about us, the church, our day at work, our plans…very random and normal things. It is wonderful!!

Those of you who are married are aware, I’m sure, that throwing two people in a house together for any length of time is sure to result in a few conflicts here and there. Add in a small item like wedding rings and you really can anticipate there will be conflict. =) Those of you who are unmarried…re-read the above two sentences. =) Even in the midst of our minor (though at the time, they feel major) disagreements, my husband exercises much patience and self-control and seeks to lead me. He knows me well and is exactly what I needed – amazing how God knows this, huh?!

Coming up, we have his conference (2010 Exodus International Freedom Conference – check out the video on the right-hand side that my brother did for David =) on which he is working very hard. I’ll also be attending and I’ve been given the fun task of coordinating the massive team of volunteers – many of whom I’ve never met and are from all over the country. I’m really excited to be going and looking forward to all that God will do there.

If the Lord prompts you, we would love prayer for just the small things in life as we learn how to do “married life.” We both know it’s a life-long journey, but we still appreciate your prayers for continued wisdom, patience, self-control, selflessness, etc. Currently the love grows every day, so we’re good in that department! =)

Summary? Life is good. I love my husband. God is gracious. Lessons are being learned.

– The End

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