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Hmmm…it’s been almost a year since I updated our blog. A lot has happened in that time – family vacations, first Christmases and anniversary, and such… I won’t bore you with a recap. You probably get all my Facebook statuses on your feed, anyway. =) Instead, I’ll tell you about what’s ahead!!

One of my favorite things about being married is working together! With David working for a ministry and me working for the church, there are many opportunities!! Sometimes I help out with his Leadership Conference…and sometimes he helps me out with my conference. This week, it’s mine. Sex Matters (a CCEF Regional Conference) is being held at Metro Life Church (you can still register, by the way! =). We are both super excited that our church leaders are enthusiastically seeking to trhelp equip the church in how to deal with the questions about sex and sexuality that our culture has necessitated. We have see the devastation that sin has brought into the arena of sexuality and the many distortions of it. God intended it for good. Sin wants to destroy it. The images we see on television/internet, the abuse of innocent children and people, the temptation to self-gratification, same sex attraction, adultery…all of these are things we all are tempted with or affected by – and often ill-equipped to know how to help others (or ourselves!) beyond a “pray and ask God to help you.” David and I are so excited that such a topic that – usually silent in the church – is being communicated loudly this weekend at Metro. So while I’m running around (and hoping to hear as many messages as I can), David will be greeting and driving speakers to and fro and rubbing my shoulders…ok, maybe not the last  one. =)

After this conference, I am hoping to go on a site-visit with David for Exodus to Minnesota (shout out to my daddy-o’s Vikings! =). We hope to visit some of David’s long-time friends. I always love the opportunity to connect with his friends from years past! The majority of his life, I have only his versions of the stories to build a memory on. Hopefully these friends will be able to share their versions of those stories! I don’t know if Minnesota is cold in the spring? For some reason the name “Minnesota” just sounds cold to me…

On a weekend in the near future we hope to have the laundry sink put in that we haven’t been able to find online yet (we’re lookin’ for a stainless steel 22″ for less than $150…got any leads??). After that we’ll need to finish a few odds and ends in the laundry room and bathroom. Then I’ll post pictures!!! My very first real home projects! It’s been intense! And, with limited weekend hours, has dragged on till we’re both nearly insane. I love my pretty laundry room and sometimes I wash clean clothes just to be in there…ok, not really.

On some other weekend in the future, you will find us raking. The few oak trees we have in our yard do not care that Saturdays every few weeks are supposed to be days of rest. Instead they spend every weekday inbetween shaking leaves and now pollen all over our dying grass. I told David I’m not sure how long the honeymoon phase of raking will last. I don’t like yard work like mowing or raking. I am not Kristen. I like planting – heck, I’ll even mix fertilizer for you.

Annnnnd in May we’re planning to attend Next 2011!! We are SO excited about this year’s theme!! (Check it out for yourself, yes I’m shamelessly pushing you to their site.) And it is in Orlando! To be able to work with my Kristen Ryan Catoe again? To see my friends from all the SGM churches (it’s been two years since we went and we were courting at the time. :)? To hear the lineup of guys they have speaking? I am not sure it gets any better than this! I’ve only missed a couple of New Attitude/Next conferences since they began in 1999. Each one has been full of memories (leave a comment with your fave =).

Ok, we’ll stop there since this is getting long. I promise it won’t be so long till the next update!!!


  1. What a great update! Thanks Jenn!

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