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A Day In Our Life With Three Babies!!

A Day In Our Life With Three Babies!! #tripletsEver wonder what life with three babies is like? Here’s what ours currently looks like:

6:30am – Makenna fusses. Try to settle her down since she has another hour to go.

6:45am – Get up, make bottle for 7am feeding (we love these). Making bottles makes me feel like a chemist – a little of this pumping, a little of that one. Make coffee.

7:00am – Bring Noah and Emma out to the living room for breakfast (they just started sleeping in their own room ::sniff::). Breastfeed Noah for the next hour while Emma gets a small bottle and finishes feeding with me – tandem nursing the two babies.

7:30am – Emma finishes. Tummy time with her while still feeding Noah?…fail. She falls asleep. Get Makenna up and changed, nurse her. Noah is still nursing on his side.

8:00am – Take Noah off, tummy time with him. He fusses. What’s new? Let’s try to get him to sleep. Finish Makenna, tummy time with her as well. She is such a smiley girl!

8:30am – Pump and eat breakfast, chug vitamins and answer a couple emails. Track wet diapers, poopy diapers, milliliters eaten, sides nursed and how long…for three babies. Makenna falls asleep.

9:00am – Still trying to get Noah down. Reheat coffee.

9:30am – Wash bottles from night before, clean up kitchen. Pick up living room from the feeding – burp cloths, pjs, toys, bottles, pacis, etc. Makenna wakes up but has another hour and a half to go, try to get her to fall back asleep. Make bed – ahhh, the day can start!!

10:00am – Makenna wakes Noah up. Noah cries. Till he eats again. Make bottles for next feeding.

10:30am – 12:00pm – Feed all over again. Track wet diapers, poopy diapers, milliliters eaten, sides nursed and how long…for three babies.

12:00pm – Emma goes right back down. Not so, Noah or Makenna (pattern much, anyone?). Alternate picking them up, comforting and rocking, wiping alligator tears and changing diapers.

1:00pm – Pump and eat lunch.

1:30pm – They fall asleep and Emma wakes up. She just wants her paci again, sweet girl. Bathroom break for mama. Reheat coffee.

2:00pm – 3:30pm – Feed again. Track wet diapers, poopy diapers, milliliters eaten, sides nursed and how long…for three babies.

3:30pm – Nobody wants to sleep. Babies take turns crying. Mama tries to comfort the loudest, which usually is Noah. Give extra snuggles to the girls while calming them since it took so long to get to them…mean ol’ brother.

4:30pm – Babies seem to be sleeping. Pick up living room, switch the laundry from yesterday. Figure out if it’s going to be a take-out night or if something will thaw in time. Work on current project (sorting baby clothes to sell in Boutique for a Week!).

5:30pm – 7:00pm Feed babies. David gets home – no time for him to chillax. He is thrown into our tornado of an evening and changes babies, hands them to me, burps them, swaddles them, takes them to nursery, re-swaddles them, burps them again when they fuss and fixes dinner. Yes. He is superman. I am convinced. Track wet diapers, poopy diapers, milliliters eaten, sides nursed and how long…for three babies.

7:00pm – It’s a cry-fest all night long. Makenna and Noah just want to be held. All night. It doesn’t help that they are now all three teething.

8:00pm – Eat dinner that was ready at 6:30pm. Try to ignore the crying.

8:30pm – 9:30pm – Weigh babies (three times weekly). Feed babies. Burp babies again. We get really excited over burps. We also laugh really hard at the number and the ways in which they burp. Burps mean babies probably won’t have tooter-toot-toots later on and wake up crying from nappy-nap times. (Words also have become nonsensical in our home these days.) Our babies burp like truckers (no offense to any truckers reading this). The girls have yet to understand it is not ladylike to emit four burps in a row, followed by a few toots and an exploding poopy diaper. Oh well. Track wet diapers, poopy diapers, milliliters eaten, sides nursed and how long…for three babies…oh, and their weights.

9:30pm – Somehow sleepy babies while nursing do not equal sleepy babies when finished.

10:30pm – Prepare bottles, pick up living room and get ready for last feeding.

11:00pm – Last feeding of the day!!! No nursing! After nursing over a dozen times and pumping another half dozen…mama needs a break. Change last diapers of the day – currently we change about 20-25 diapers a day. We go through a pack of 275 diapers in less than two weeks. Track wet diapers, poopy diapers, milliliters eaten, sides nursed and how long…for three babies.

12:00am – Last baby is settled and mama pumps.

12:30am – Bedtime!

(4:00am – 4:30am – Pump)

Yep. That’s my life these days. More often than not, I’m tempted to cry – and I do not cry. Well, at least I didn’t before they were born. These days I cry often. It is definitely the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my life. My brain feels like mush (I used to manage up to six calendars at my previous job and it seems I can barely keep up with my own these days!). I think in milliliters. I am motivated by wet diapers and ounces on the scale. I am consumed with ways to encourage babies to breastfeed. I miss my heels. And I hate not being able to do this alone. It is such a blessing when we have someone volunteer for any part or all of a day! It means mama gets a shower, or gets to eat more than a cheesestick and a pear for lunch, or one of the two screaming babies also gets held, or my laundry gets out of the washer, or I can finally make that doctor’s appointment…or (glory be) I get to sleep for a few minutes!

But I’m learning to laugh as well. And I am finding that there is truly much to laugh about. Their goofy smiles and fat creases and fingers and awkward toots and the irony of three babies and one mommy to feed them and three babies deciding to scream all at once…yes, it is often quite laughable. And, if given the opportunity, I wouldn’t trade away anything (or anyone!). I am convinced this is an awesome (and certainly my favorite) way to get a family. I would pick this again if I had a choice! God has been SO good to us and we are loving our crazy, wild and fussy life!

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  1. Debi Walter says

    Wow, you summed up your day quite well, and I’m tired just reading it. But I have to say, “Yay, Emma!” Did anyone else notice she was barely talked about? This is because she is patient and oh so sweet. Anyone care to guess who’s my favorite? Give Emma a kiss from me and kiss Noah and McKenna too. I think they’re just as sweet!
    But I really love this mama! Mwah! You are glorifying God in your corner of the world, and it makes me smile!

  2. Jenn,

    I continue to marvel at your persevering faith. God has chosen a beautiful road of Christ-emulating sacrifice that is requiring you to rely on Him as never before. You cannot do this on your own. But the One who has been faithful and Who gave you these little ones will continue to manifest His power and faithfulness to you. AND you are spreading the aroma of Christ everywhere to many people through your honesty and godliness.

    I love and respect you more than ever…


  3. Jennniferlooppez,

    You are my hero! *ESPECIALLY in the feeding department* I’m sure you feel like all you do is eat and feed all day….which is pretty important this first year. I pray that every month grows sweeter and a little bit easier. I think of you often and now know how to better pray for you and your busy days! David and I are coming up for the Ldrs Conf March 1st-3rd and we were wondering if we could stop by to bring some dinner and lend a hand that Thursday afternoon (March 1st)? I’d LOVE to see the babies and I’ve been dying to help you out as well. David and I LOVE kids so if you don’t have help on that date please put us down (do you coordinate that or someone else?). I’ll confirm the exact time we’ll be there but it’ll probably be around 4pm or 5pm depending on traffic. Just let me know if that works.

    Love you girl!!!


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