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Beyond Grateful

It is so hard to believe that four and a half months have passed since my sweet peas were born! God has continued to show His love and care for us each day. He has shown us His faithfulness to keep His promises, to provide for us and to give us the wisdom we so desperately need. He has also been faithful to give us trials to walk through in order that we would have continuous opportunities to showcase His glory and grow into the image of His Son. …I am learning to say “thank You, Lord” to those. =)

Scripture displays God’s intent to provide for His people over and over again. And yet at times I still wondered – still doubted – how on earth we would make it through. God knew! When I was so exhausted I could hardly stand up, someone appeared at the door to help take care of the babies. When all of a sudden it was 5:30 and we’re all still in our p.j.’s even though it’s almost time for dinner, someone arrived with a delicious meal. When the incredible costs of three instant children seemed impossible and overwhelming, cases of formula (or a pack of diapers or a gift card or a check) seemed to materialize on the front porch… God IS good and HAS been faithful.  He has used you to take care of us. Through your meals, your visits to care for the babies, the gifts you have given and, most importantly, your prayers for us, we have seen His hand on a daily basis. A daily basis. How often do we get this opportunity? To be aware hour by hour that He is caring and providing for us through His church – what a blessing! David and I continue to be amazed with the sacrifices each of you has made in order to help us transition from a team of two to a family of five. It has humbled us and stretched us. It’s caused us to grow in our desire to serve others. And we are so grateful. And we do not take it lightly. We thank God for you and trust Him to continue to show us His faithfulness in other ways.

And of course we recognize one of the main ways God chose to provide for us was through the help and sacrifices of Kim Sutter, Kristen Jones and Carrie Panzella who coordinated, scheduled, emailed, called, talked with and rescheduled for three long months! They did this while caring for parents and sick families, moving out of state and through two major holidays! David and I are incredibly grateful to each of them and (and to their families who released them!!) and so amazed at what they were able to accomplish! Ladies, thank you. Thank you for giving your time and energy to this task. We seriously could not have done it without you.

Many of you have asked where we are going from here. Well, after lots of prayer and endless conversations (my poor husband!), we’ve decided it would be wise to hire someone to help me a couple  afternoons a week. That brave woman happens to be Miss Brittany Graham! Again, through the Lord’s kindness He provided a need for each of us that would be filled in her caring for the triplets. My mom will also be coming a couple days a week to help…not sure I could keep her away from them if I wanted to do so! =) We don’t know how long having continued help for me will be necessary but are taking things a week or two at a time.

A brief update on the superstars themselves: the babies are developing well and gaining weight wonderfully. They are currently all breastfed except for the last bottle of the night. This is such an answer to prayer (more on this soon!)! David and I are having so much fun watching them grow and change. Every day, it seems, they are doing something new and turning into such big little people. Since the first smile, I’ve recognized God’s grace even in this: that at just the time when we parents grow incredibly weary He teaches them to smile at us. Incredible!

So, thank you. Thank you for being His hands and feet. If you all have served us so well, it excites me to think of all the others who are being served by you – both in our church and the lost around us! May God bless you richly for what you have given away!





  1. Jennifer, I loved reading about a day in your life! I can picture the entire days work with you caring for those little babies! And, can I just tell you that I am in complete awe of you! God really knew with whom to place these blessed children! I will tell other mothers about you for years to come, and encourage them. I remember you asking me if there was a point at which you should give up on the idea that the babies would nurse….. So glad I said no!
    You and David are wonderful partners, and parents!

    • missytex says

      Thank you, Donna! I would not have been able to continue without you. I thank God for your help!!! :)))

  2. This is so moving. So God-centered. So humble. So full of honesty and joy. Gators pickles are delicious because of you…not only because you introduced me to them but because while eating them I got to have a front row seat into the miracle of the Fountain family-to-be. Hasn’t He been good?

    Much love and respect!
    Sheree (and Benny, too)

  3. Julie Derry says

    I reminisce about the time in my life when the twins were born as I read your blog. That year was a blur in my memory because it was all consuming, but it was also incredibly blessed, just as you’ve described. God was so faithful to us also in providing when we could see no way ahead. The body of Christ, moved by His Spirit, was so good to us as well. Homeschooling two boys and nursing twins and working fulltime seems impossible, but God’s grace overcomes the impossible and is all-sufficient. Thanks for sharing your journey. Know that there are people like us holding you up in prayer though we don’t have the opportunity to see you often. Love you guys!!

    • missytex says

      Wow. I read this to David and NEITHER of us know how on earth you managed. God is amazing, isn’t He???? This is so encouraging! Thank you!!

  4. Granny Fountain says

    Just relishing the moments spent with these little ones . . . can’t wait until I can get down there to give them hugs and kisses.

  5. I know you don’t know me, but I started ministering on the sidewalks with your mom when I was 15 (7 years ago). I’ve been “following” your triplet journey through her facebook, and occasionally I click over to yours (I’m just amazed at getting a glimpse into your life with three little tiny babies all at once!).

    My husband and I have been married for almost four years. I have a 3 year-old daughter, a 1 year-old son, and another on the way in October, and so many days I feel like my head is spinning! My house is a mess, errands are hard to run, dinner’s late, the diapers aren’t washed…etc.etc.etc. From my little peek from the outside, you seem to be handling your (wonderfully blessed!) situation with such incredible grace and in a way that really honors the Lord Who gave you those sweet babes.

    So, keep pressing on and doing what you’re doing. Motherhood is such an amazing calling, with true Kingdom-advancing potential! Congratulations! 🙂

    PS: Way to go with the breastfeeding! I bet not many triplets get to have that much breast milk–what a blessing for them (and you!).

    • missytex says

      Hi Mary Jo!

      My mom has told me alllllllllll about you! 🙂 I feel like I know you! Thank you for your encouragement – while these babies are a blessing, each day brings so many challenges. But God has been so good and the joys He’s given are manymanymany!


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