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5 Months/22 Weeks

Milestones: The babies will be 5 months on Thursday!! They were dedicated this past Sunday AND we started cloth diapering. They have been sleeping through the night (6-9 hours) since about 16 weeks. They have each teased me with a laugh and then refuse to do so again. Noah rolls over all day and holds his head up higher than I can hold mine. Makenna has rolled over but Emma refuses…she just wants to make a dramatic event of it. The beginning of February saw Emma finally nursing. Up till then she had refused. Hurray! Three babies nursing was MORE than I could have dreamed of – more on this soon. I see the beginnings of three babies wanting to sit up (nooooooooooooo!).

Busy week! David was off on Friday so we ran to Target for a few things, to make some returns, etc. When I say “ran” I really mean “ran.” It takes a whole morning to prep to leave. Between the 7am and 10:30am feedings I got ready, checked carseats for pacis and blankies, packed the diaper bag, ate breakfast, pulled outfits out, etc. Etc. ETC. We fed at 10:30, put babies in carseats, put carseats in the car and headed out…at 11:30am. Not bad! But we only had an hour before we had to head back home for the 2pm feeding! Pull into Target, pull out double and single strollers, put babies in the strollers, avoid eye contact with everyone…get stopped anyway. Make the return, shop, keep babies moving so they don’t cry. Pretend I’m not really sweating. Check out and use the gift cards we’ve been given (praise the Lord!). Head to the car. Pretend we’re not being stared at (imagine if I’d gone for the triple stroller??? That thing is a BUS!). Put carseats in the car, put strollers in the car. Jump in, head home. Arrive home. Get carseats out of the car. Get babies out of the carseats. Mommy starts nursing right at 2pm!! Whew. House is a MESS. Carseats, diaper bags, blankets, bags, diapers, burp cloths, clothes and 75 other items I have no idea why they landed in the living room. All for a run to Target. Is it worth it?? Sometimes. Sometimes it’s worth just doing “normal” things even though we do them incredibly abnormally.

We did their 5 month pictures that afternoon with Leah VanCleave (LoveTree Photography). The pictures will be up soon, she said. =) The babies were still unhappy with being dragged out to Target during their nap so they were a bit more difficult for this session. Of course, they’re almost 5 months so they’re in between that super-easy-to-take-pictures-of stage and the I’ll-smile-because-you-get-really-excited stage. We are positive they just want to see all three of us contort into a thousand different ways for three smiles. Still, I know she got some preshhhhious pictures!

Saturday was spent recovering from Friday (no joke) and preparing for Sunday (no joke). Sunday was a wonderfully crazy day. We made it to the pre-Celebration meeting ON TIME. Please read that last sentence again. Yes, it is true. We were on time. Two babies were successfully fed immediately following the brief meeting and prior to the cue for us to get in place for the dedication. Two babies were, one was not. I shall not mention any names, but poor baby immediately knew there would be none and said baby’s patience was sorely tested. Plan B was quickly outlined in case said baby decided to tell the entire church of the injustice taking place during worship. Praise the LORD, we did not have to execute Plan B. All three babies cooperated as we publicly acknowledged they truly belong to Him and declared our need for the church to help us raise them. And then we were done! Noah was fed…oops! =) And the girls were oohed and ahhed over appropriately (says the Mother). And David and I headed home. Exhausted.

So, that was our weekend. Happy Tuesday, folks!


  1. Yay!! We’ll have to celebrate their 5 month b-day when we come to visit on Thursday!! Can’t wait to see you and the babies *and to help out in WHATEVER way I can 🙂
    <3 Mefea

  2. I love it Jen!! They are precious! To me one of the girls looks like you, and the other reminds me of Stephanie. Have you seen the resemblance? One of these days when we are not sick we will come visit. Promise! =)

  3. I just love all of you. And miss you.

  4. Sunday was awesome! So amazing to see our grandtriplets dedicated to the Lord! Y’all are doing such a great job with them…they are big, healthy, happy babies who are loved immensely by everyone who knows them. What I’m most in awe of right now though, is that you wrote this today…with everything changing last minute, how on earth did you find the time? Truly, you are Supermommy! I love you!

  5. Your babies are truly beautiful. I’ve only taken the triplets shopping with me twice. Once was very brief and was a complete disaster. It was just hubby and me. We ended up being rescued by a lady from our church who happened to be shopping at the same time and came and held a baby while I fed. The second time I left my two older children behind and brought an adult per baby with me. Worked like a dream! All other shopping trips are when I escape out of the house without babies!

    • I just saw your comment, I am so sorry! I can’t wait to get to know your family on your blog! What fun to meet other mommies with triplets! =) And how fun that they are so close in age!! I hope you guys have a wonderful, drama-free day today! =)

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