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Noah is currently taking his first nap of the day. 45 minutes. He has screamed off and on all day. Emma screams. Put one down, pick one up. Switch. Ignore the screaming from my back. Makenna is the good child today. I have gotten nothing done. Dishes are still in the sink. Bed is a mess and I’m in the clothes I wore yesterday and to bed last night. The next 5 hours aren’t looking good, either, if they’re anything like last night was…. :sigh: Praise the Lord for dinner being delivered from a friend. Small mercies – wonderful blessings!

***update**** He just woke up. Lord, help me.


  1. Oh girl, praying for you right now!

    PS I had a dream last night that I was taking care of your three little children and they were like perfect! I'll pray that was prophetic for tonight for you 😉 LOVE YOU!!

  2. So sorry I wasn’t able to help you today. So grateful that you made it through the day. You did make it, right? Jenn?? Jenn???? 😉 i love you, lil mama<3

  3. (BTW. Our triplets birthdate is Oct. 7)

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