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I Did It!

Well, I did it! I’ve wondered for a long time if I could – if I would be sane afterwards. I did and I am! I was home by myself for two and a half days this week!!! I know, your first thought is probably, “is that it? Big deal!” Yeah, that’s my thinking, too. Sort of. See, the pre-Mommy me says “big deal.” The post-Mommy me says “BIG deal.”

safari outfits

The babies are seven months and 10 days old. In all that time I have never been home by myself for more than two days in a week. And those weeks that I’ve had two days by myself have been…well, let’s just say they’ve been the sitting-in-my-pjs-crying-with-screaming-babies-when-David-walks-in-the-door days. How on EARTH is that possible to have not had more than two days home alone in all that time? I’ll break it down for you.

  • October 1-31 = NICU (That should be self-explanatory. MoMs, you know there isn’t a lack of people in this place!)
  • November 1-February 17 = Volunteers from our church, Metro Life, and family. Yep, just about 24/7 I had somebody here helping in some way. It was amazing. Uh-mazing.
  • February 18-Present Day = My incredible mom and my friend/part-time nanny, Brittany, have divied up the week. Each has come over about two days every week.

So there you have it. My mama is in California this week on a much-deserved vacay with my dad and Brittany will be getting married next weekend (the nerve! just kidding – congratulations! :). Soooo, that meant I began psyching myself up for doing this “mama” thing all by myself a little more at a time. I ain’t gonna lie. It hasn’t been easy. And I haven’t really accomplished much. Yesterday’s task list looked like this:

  1. Wash dishes
  2. Get ready for bathtime
  3. Prep avocados for babies’ dinner (more on this soon!!!)
  4. Throw meatloaf together
  5. Wash diapers

That’s it. Remember the pre-Mommy reference? Yeah, that part of me is mortified I accomplished so little. I used to go all day long checking dozens of BIG things off my very long to-do list. At my job, I managed five calendars and coordinated BIG conferences. I did LOTS. Now, I don’t do lots. I consider it a good day if David doesn’t have to pick up dinner – even when my mom or Brittany are here!

On the flip side, the post-Mommy me is so happy that I could manage three babies alone during that time. Included in those hours were:

  1. 24 diaper changes
  2. 8 nap times (x 2 different schedules)
  3. 6 breastfeeding sessions (x 3 babies, tandem-ing two each session)
  4. 5 baby food preps
  5. 4 loads of laundry
  6. 3 homemade dinners
  7. 1 project for the church

I hope this doesn’t come across as bragging. I’m actually just really excited that we survived! :o) There have been many, many, “Lord, help me!” moments and I am so aware that He has! My gracious and wonderful hubby has also made this easier by constantly encouraging me and eating my super simple dinners as if they were gourmet!

So, all that to say – we made it!!! :o)


  1. Well done and you will do it again on many days Mama! Be proud of yourself. I have many days like what you have described and I only have twins, I cannot imagine having baby number three in the mix also. Keep on keeping on xx

  2. That is quite a to-do list! 4 loads of laundry is NO small task! It’s great to hear how God is continuing to stretch you and bless you during this season. I pray for you often and love to hear about your day, even in the “seemingly” small tasks (which are actually really REALLY big to-do’s with 3 little ones!). Great job super mom!

    • Thanks, Mfea! :o) He IS stretching me and I am aware of sooooooooo many blessings – it’s true! And I am SO grateful for your prayers. Thank you!!! I miss you lots!! Kiss that sweet baby girl for me! :o)

  3. Brittany says

    Jenn! You will do great! I will miss the babies and will be praying for you. Looking forward to seeing them when I get back.

  4. That is a BIG deal! I remember the first time I had all of my babies home all by myself. I felt like I had quite possibly moved a mountain! And just so you know, it does get easier and becomes “normal” after just a few times of doing it alone. I now spend most of my week by myself with my little guys. We certainly have our bad days, but we have definitely found our routine.

    As far as what you accomplished, oh my! There is nothing small about that list! You must have run around all day long to get all of that done! It’s tricky juggling babies, being wife, and keeping up with housework!

    Oh, and I found you through the Top 25 Moms of Multiples Blog Contest! A friend of mine knows your pastor’s wife (I think) and she is asking people to vote for you. Hence my votes for you and my visit over here!


    • Thanks, Rebecca! I cannot imagine having four babies home by yourself. I hope you blogged about that – I can’t wait to read it and be in awe! :o) And would that friend be Rachel Phillips? :o) Sheree is like one of my favoritest women EVER! :o)

      I hope you’re having a snuggle-ly day with those big/little babies of yours!!

  5. I’m thoroughly impressed! I have a 3 year-old and a 1 1/2 year-old and still often feel a little stressed during the day with all I have to do!

  6. Congrats! It is great to hear that your church came through for you in a big way. That’s a great example of what the church is meant to be. Lucky kids to have so many caring people around them!

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