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The Triplets’ First Foods!

Way-back-when I thought I’d be introducing solids at four months. I was mentally preparing for the beginning of February, trying to anticipate how that would alter our feeding schedule, breastfeeding, bottles, etc. Then after some research I realized I didn’t want to start solids until at least six months. And as six months (April 1) approached, I couldn’t imagine starting them on solids. It seemed so young still. So I held off. And we started May 5 – they were seven months and five days. My hubby put a video together of our first attempts at solids (at the end of this post, don’t worry). The girls were pros…and Noah? Well, Noah liked his food from mommy best. =)

In preparation for this momentous occasion of newborn-turned-baby, I was trying to figure out what to feed them. There are SO many options. In yet some more research (all my research is typically done during pumping sessions, by the way), I decided to start with avocado. This fruit is packed with an incredible number of nutrients and minerals and is super easy to digest as well as prepare. (I did not want to start them on cereals since babies are usually unable to properly digest grains at this age.)  I also liked how much good fat an avocado has and figured it could only do my skinny-minny babies some good. Smile. And after avocados would come carrots. (I love this site: Wholesome Baby Food.)

Well, the Lord practically dropped a bucketful of avocados on my cutting board that weekend! I saw Publix had them on sale since it was Cinco de Mayo. So, yes! I stocked up. Bought 40. And the rents were awesome and had a box of 28 fresh California avocados sent to us from the farm they visited while they were out there!Then I cut them up. I believe I cut, peeled, pitted and froze about 65 avocados in one week. I would soon find out they would last us about a month. ONE MONTH.

Carrots. David bought a ginormous bag of (organic) carrots – 10 lbs – at Costco. My motto these days is “go big or go home.” I figured one out of three would like carrots and avocados…and if none did, well, we’ll keep trying until they do! So I started in on prepping the carrots. David peeled them (team effort, here, folks!).

I chopped.

Oops, no steamer. I’ll finagle one, says I.

(Here’s the soufflé I made from the carrot peelings – waste not, want not! =) After this came the bananas. I simply peeled a huge bunch of bananas and cut them in half, wrapped them and froze them. Our deep freezer was one of our best buys, ever! I love how quickly it freezes everything. Neither the avocados nor the bananas turned brown! And the top shelf is now full of frozen baby food and the next three shelves are full of breastmilk – 1250 oz or 19 gallons worth. But….I digress. 

So, finally we were ready! Babies were excited because we were – squealing and waving their arms, grinning and salivating…oh wait, that was just them drooling.

The girls LOVED it! After the first few bites, they were hooked!

No more avocado! The girls ate it all…literally. Poor Noah. Well, not really. Noah didn’t like it so much this first time (as you’ll see in the video). That night the girls ate an entire avocado! From then on, the three of them eat as many as two whole avocados and an ounce each of an additional food (at this point they’ve had carrots and prunes, too, with mango entering the picture tomorrow night). I now just mash it with a fork and have learned how to get rid of the larger pieces better than what you see here.

The Mess.

I’m pretty sure some nights it’s not worth fixing ourselves dinner after this…at least it feels that way until my stomach starts growling. The babies get pretty worn out from all the excitement and we hit their bedtime either on the nose or late…still trying to figure out how to breastfeed three babies, feed them solids, clean them up, pj them, snuggle them and put them to bed within an hour and a half. Trying to fit in bathtime has my eye twitching, too.

And now, The Video. Please enjoy this video – but not before a meal. Some material may not be suited for the squeamish. Viewer discretion is advised. =)

P.S. Please leave your favorite “first foods” funny story in the comments section. I am always in need of entertainment around here!


  1. Love it. 🙂

  2. Whoa Mama! That’s intense.

  3. What a fun blog post! I was cracking up at Noah’s face! Hahaha!

    I don’t have any first food stories (yet, hopefully!) but I sure enjoyed yours! They are so stinkin’ cute!!!

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