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Prayer Request

Okay, so since I posted here about Reid and Mary’s story I haven’t been able to get them out of my head! Having been a NICU mom so recently myself, I know how wearying it is even when everything is going great. What I don’t know is how it feels to lose babies you have carried for months – hoping for the day you’ll hold them, fearing it may never come…afraid to speak those words in case those fears are realized. But I do know that the same Lord and Savior that they are clinging to in their time of need has been with them every step of the way.

Recently, I began to wonder if we might do more than just read her blog every now and then. Can’t we DO something? We can! Let’s pray! Let’s join with Reid and Mary and their family and friends – we’ll stand with them from afar. Wouldn’t it be great if we can pray them all the way through the remainder of their stay in the NICU? Olivia is about 2#11oz right now so my guess is she has a couple more pounds to gain before they’ll let her go home…so we’ll start with this. If you feel led to pray for them, post a comment letting us know which day(s) you’re committing to pray for them. Let’s see if we can fill the next month, ok? June 3 – 30. Feel free to share on Fb and invite others to join! It’s no biggie if there’s overlap. =)

Though I haven’t heard from Mary directly, I can remember some of our greatest prayer requests and can imagine theirs might include that:

  • Olivia would steadily gain weight
  • Olivia would graduate from feeding tube to bottle feedings
  • Olivia would soon be able to breathe on her own, without the C-PAP machine
  • Olivia would continue to grow outside of her mommy’s tummy the way she would have within
  • Mary would continue to recover from the stress of major surgery, grieving and the strain of a long NICU stay with little Olivia
  • Reid would have wisdom in how to lead and help Mary
  • Reid and Mary would get restful sleep each night
  • Reid and Mary would be able to grieve their three little girls while also rejoicing in the life of sweet Olivia – without guilt
  • Mary would not give in to the lies of the enemy
  • Reid would not give in to the lies of the enemy
  • Reid and Mary would take time together to support each other and strengthen their marriage
  • Insurance issues would be worked out and through quickly and simply
  • Doctors and nurses would have wisdom in knowing how to care for this family and Olivia’s health
  • Doctors would speak in a way that is easy for Reid and Mary to understand
  • The nurses on duty each day and night would love and care for Olivia as if she was their own

If the Lord lays a specific prayer request on your heart for them (one of these or one of your own!), you can leave that in your comment below, too. Wouldn’t it be neat for them to see each day how their brothers and sisters in Christ, around the world, are praying for them??

Thank you!!

UPDATE: A friend of Mare’s commented on this post that a very important prayer request is that Olivia’s sight would continue to develop since preemies often have challenges in this area. We’ll agree with Reid and Mare that she will have 20/20! Thank you to all who have said they are praying! Don’t forget to leave a comment so Mare can stop by and see who is praying for what and when! =)


  1. Praying June 3 for Mary to continue recovering from surgery, stress, etc!

  2. Heather Mellichamp says

    Praying June 4 – This is an AMAZING idea, Jenn! Joining in on praying with you for this family. Specifically for joy to overflow in them for Olivia’s precious life and peace for their 3 little ones that passed. May any lies, guilt, etc from the enemy be quieted and not take over, especially in the long hard quiet moments of the night.

  3. Monday, June 5th I will pray intensely and frequently throughout the day for this precious family. Specifically my prayers will be for Olivia to grow big and strong, and that her mommy and daddy will find all their hope, comfort, and joy in Christ alone. This is such a wonderful idea, Honey. May God bless this family and help them in their season of sorrow.

  4. Ummm that would be Monday, June 4 🙂

  5. Tues. June 5th. Jennifer, thank you for doing this. I was even wondering lately about starting a separate praying mama group on Facebook for all the prayer requests we see daily. Great idea!

  6. I’ll pray everyday the rest of June for peace and comfort for their family and that olive will continue to grow stronger each day.

  7. Olivia*

  8. If you need me to pick a certain day I will, but I vow to add this precious family to our daily prayers at home.

  9. Mare is one of my best friends from childhood… thank you so much for praying for her and her family so fervently! I am committed to praying EVERY day for them. I do know that one thing that’s not on your list that is a prayer request right now is Olivia’s vision (A lot of premies can have issues with their vision).

    • Aww, Lindsey! Thanks for letting me know! It has been our privilege to pray for them. So many people on Fb, and in the group of triplets I’m a part of on fb, have been excited to cover them in prayer – so many more than have commented here. One friend is praying every Tuesday, others are also committed to praying every single day. If you see her, please let her know! 🙂

      I will update this post with that prayer request! I remember praying for my own babies as they were growing and developing and can’t believe I forgot that VERY important one! Again, thank you!

  10. I am praying today for Olivia, that she will grow up to be a feisty and feminine woman of God whose testimony will be that God saved her life so she could point others to the One who can save their souls. I am praying that all her organs would beautifully tolerate the stress of the meds and tubes and pokes, and that every cell in her body would grow! THANK YOU for doing this, Jenn!


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