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A year ago today David and I found out we were blessed to be having two girls and a boy! (FYI, the “GBG” stands for their birth order.) I was 17 weeks and didn’t know it then, but I was a little more than halfway through the pregnancy. The babies would remain unnamed for some months, but knowing what they were was so much fun. We were soon able to identify them and fell in love with Baby A (Girl) and her feistiness, Baby B (Boy) and his impatience and Baby C (Girl) and her quiet ways. It seemed so much more real – we were having TRIPLETS. Triplets!!!

Right before we found out what Baby C was, I decided I wanted two boys and a girl. But after hearing she was a she…well, it suddenly didn’t matter anymore. I soon had visions of Daddy taking his little girls out on dates for ice cream and my little man learning how to open the door for me. Yes, two girls and a boy. This is God’s plan for us and we are thrilled.

However, if you have ever had to fight over names with your spouse, imagine trying to pick out three first and middle names! Let’s just say our opinions on names were rather…different. I liked names like Liberty, Israel and Caleigh and he liked…I’ve conveniently forgotten what he liked. We did agree pretty quickly on Noah David but the girls changed names quite a few times. We went from Emerson Claire and Greyson ??? to Emma Claire and Makenna Mae.

…just writing about them makes me wanna go snuggle them! Gotta go!

The word “multiples” was stamped across every form in my folder. I became known as “The Triplet Mom.”


  1. I remember when y’all told me over the phone. I guessed A was a girl, B was a boy…but then said “boy” for C. And y’all were like, “noooooo!” David was soooo cute while I was guessing, like a little kid. I loved praying for them and loving them as individuals from that point on, instead of just triplets. Soooo glad God kept them safe while they were in your womb…I remember being scared of a bad report every time you had a checkup. But God is faithful and He has a special plan for those little Sweet Peas. (you’ll never ve “the Triplet Mom” to me. Nope, you’re just Super Mom!) <3

  2. Oddly enough, Alex and I didn’t have much trouble at all choosing 3 names! We just went back to our shortlist from the other two boys. Truly, it was that easy! The hardest part was Triplet 2’s middle name because we use family names, and it seemed like we’d used all our men up! Instead we choose a favourite character from the Bible, (Paul), and to our delight, we realised that this was also our brother-in-law’s 2nd name! Thanks God!

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