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My New Job

I didn’t realize how easily I would get this new job – it was almost as if I was made for it and they for me. It’s by far the most demanding job I’ve had, though the difficulties may have something to do with the recent career switch. And, though demanding, it is very rewarding! It pays differently and the hours are long and exhausting but there are definite perks (like no dress codes and kissing the boss!). As much as I lovelovelove my new job, I have run into some challenges and am looking for any and all advice.

Here is our daily schedule at The Job:

  • 7a – bf Makenna and Emma
  • 7:30a – bf Noah
  • 8a – prep “brunch” for the babies, get into high chairs
  • 8:30a – brunch!
  • 9a – playtime
  • 9:30a – naptime
  • 11a – bf Makenna and Emma
  • 11:30a – bf Noah
  • 12p – prep lunch for the babies, get into high chairs
  • 12:30p – lunch!
  • 1p – naptime
  • 3p – bf Makenna and Emma
  • 3:30p – bf Noah
  • 4p – playtime
  • 5p – naptime if they are too fussy
  • 6p – bf two babies, other gets a bottle
  • 6:30p – prep dinner for the babies, get into high chairs
  • 6:45p – dinner!
  • 7p – jammies, rock/pray/sing
  • 7:15p – bedtime!
  • 10:30p – bf two babies, other gets a bottle
  • 11:30p – Mommy’s bedtime!

I’ll save you the tallying – that really does add up to seven hours of JUST FEEDING babies a day. SEVEN HOURS! Lord, have mercy! So here are my questions. I am having trouble getting to the solids in time so that the girls are actually hungry for the next bf-ing session. Yet Noah is often NOT hungry for solids because he’s just bf. I like the dinner schedule, but that works because I bf two and bottle the third. Any thoughts on the morning and afternoon solid schedules?

Kinda frustrating because I was just starting to think I could get out more and now it looks like it may be a lil while. Of course, I realize this is just a short season…

Thanks, everyone! =)


  1. That’s a tricky one Jennifer. My triplets now eat and drink three times a day at mealtimes. First thing in the morning I will normally give each a breastfeed before breakfast. Then they will have a bit more milk before they go down for their morning sleep. At lunchtime they eat first, have a bit of a break, then have milk before going down for their afternoon nap. In the evening, they eat their solids, have a bath, then have their milk and go to bed. That’s the ideal. Of course, mine still get up at night, as you know. The boys normally have at least one feed overnight. Imogen sometimes will, but often won’t. Maybe you can trial one meal eating first and then drinking?

  2. Well I am no mommy to triplets thats for sure but I have had four babies:) and by 9 months they were not nursing or bottle feeding as much, especially with solids being introduced. I couldnt feed my littles every 2/3 hours when they were 9 months…it would have been a major part of my day with one much less three! No wonder you are one exhuasted mama…on top of having 3 babies of course;) At this stage it was more of one or the other nursing or solids not the lot of both…Maybe thinking through how much they are nursing will help…I think I nursed about 3 times a day when they were that age. Hope this helps…love you lots and cant wait to come back over and hnag out with you and the ducklings;)

  3. I am with Medana on this one…I haven’t had 3 babies at once but I have had three babies and I don’t recall doing that much of both, bf-ing & solids. I am a simplest and not much of a rule follower when it comes to what “my baby/kid should or shouldn’t accomplish at certain stages” it was more about observing continuos progress and growth. So if bf-ing was what they wanted & gave them what they needed nutrition wise, I didn’t even think twice about solids if they weren’t interested. I also don’t recal ever spoon feeding any of my kids. We did finger foods and it was only to keep them entertained at the table during a meal with us. Mommas milk was for filling them up and keeping them healthy. Whatever we ate, we’d serve them, just cut up so they could pick up themselves. If they want more solids, need more solids to stay full, etc then I’d follow that cue as well.

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