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Georgia On My Mind

I remember waking, as a child, from that sleepy-awake state in the middle of the night on road trips to my parents’ hushed voices discussing…something. I never knew what but I recall them as comforting sounds. Now I’m that whispering parent. So surreal!

Prior to the hushed whispers, it was quite loud. Leading up to our departure, David and I were yelling to one another, “did you get the cooler?” “Yes, did you get the babies’ clothes suitcase?” “It’s not done yet, are you going to pack the high chairs now?” I’m sure our rushing around was quite puzzling to three little boogers.

All packed and loaded in the car, we prayed for safety and pulled out on the road – only 10 minutes later than we’d planned! I was driving first because we didn’t know how the babies would do and figured it would be easier to plan to each drive half. Forty-five minutes in we heard a loud pinging sound. Then a “fwap!” It got louder. And of course I forgot how to drive. Do I stop? Where? Why is the guy behind me pointing up? Are we going to crash? A tire? The van? Ahhhhh! David calmly told me what to do (why are men SO calm in these situations?!). We pulled over and discovered the front of the car-top carrier had blown open! No wonder the guy in the Accord kept pointing up! Fortunately David was able to secure it so we wouldn’t lose anything.

I re-entered traffic and we were on our way again (feeling slightly National Lampoon-ish). And a baby started crying. Now mind you, I had this trip planned out to a T. David had mapped out where to stop to feed babies and get gas and pick up dinner in order to maximize our driving time to get to Atlanta with time for momma and daddy to SLEEP! This meant we needed to pull out of the driveway at 7p which was the babies bedtime. Perfect! They fall asleep in the car! I had hoped they would do so tonight….no. One of them cried pretty much till we got an hour past Gainesville (hi, Abundant Grace Community Church friends!!!). So fun. I swear they had this planned. Baby B would cry and settle down. Mom and dad breathe a sigh of relief. And Baby C starts talking. Loudly. As if it’s playtime and not 9p! After quieting down, sure enough! Baby A decides to let us know how she feels about three hours in a car seat! And we are back to Baby B. Round and round (I think I may have taken a turn at some point).

We stopped at the Oak Mall exit in Gainesville to pick up our call ahead dinner from Jason’s, coffee and jump back on the road. After about 30 minutes, all was quiet!! And of course we had stop to feed them in 45 minutes! :sigh: So we pulled in to the planned-ahead rest stop and got things rolling. I hopped in the backseat with my tandem pillow. David hands me a baby, I balance. David hands me another baby, I balance. They nurse. David takes first baby and checks diaper and puts back in car seat. He heats water for the last baby’s bottle. Heated, he gives the bottle; I finish with second baby. We check diapers on the last two and put them back in car seats – much to all munchkins’ dismay. We get back on the road – only a 40 minute stop! Oh yeah!!!

So, that’s it for now! We plan to stop for gas in a little while and then hopefully we can make it in by 3:30a, put babies in cribs and SLEEP!!! …till 7a.



  1. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

  2. Way to go!

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