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Georgia On My Mind, Part 2

Well, we’re home! We had a wonderful time visiting David’s family and introducing them to the babies. We spent Thursday morning getting caught up on sleep and playing with babies and feeding babies (doesn’t change much, no matter what state we’re in!). David’s parents, Lance and Talitha, had thought of EVERYTHING. The babies had an entire nursery all to themselves. It was stocked to the hilt and they felt right at home! What a blessing! We are so grateful for their love and thoughtfulness! The babies were so distracted by all the toys they forgot to be cranky from lack of sleep…well, mostly. =)

Friday we spent visiting with different family members and going to see the horsies that live in Granny and Granddaddy’s old barn! That night there was a party for Granddaddy and Uncle Leo’s birthdays…the babies had to sleep through it, though. Ha! Daddy and Mommy ate cake and ice cream for them, don’t worry! We played games and got caught up on how everyone was doing. I know David was excited to see everyone – it’d been a year!! We went up last July right before my procedure (cerclage). I was fat and nauseous. This year I was slightly less fat and not nauseous and hardly stopped. Babies don’t feed themselves or put themselves down, and this week was no different! Mommy and Daddy were up and down, back and forth, all day long (my friend, Sheree, calls these trips “diversions” and not vacations…how TRUE this is!). Visiting with family happened during feeding babies and if/when the babies napped. Fortunately, they were so exhausted from all the activity that they slept pretty well!

Saturday I woke with a feeling of urgency to figure out a plan for the day. You see, we had to leave by 7:30p in order to make it home in Orlando by 3:30a. If we were later than that, Mom and Dad would likely get no sleep at all! Babies also didn’t sleep very well on the way up (see the first part of the trip update here). So I had to back things up in order to make sure we could leave on time. We needed to feed at 3p and finish packing the car by 6p. Feed babies again at 6p and then dinner for them at 6:45p. Pack babies at 7p and load the car with highchairs, cooler and diaper bag, etc and pull out at 7:30p…we did it! And we even got to visit with some more family at 4p for about an hour!!!

We decided to stop for dinner in Macon and then fed the babies in the parking lot of a Starbucks in Valdosta. They closed at midnight and we pulled in at 11:30p. =) We backed up to a stinky smelling place so David pulled the van forward to the Starbucks side of the parking lot. Thank goodness for tinted windows!!! I climbed in the back again and fed babies…and we changed three poopy diapers (thanks to Makenna, Noah and Emma for those!). Once we were back on the road, we knew this was IT. Our last segment of the journey – and the one we knew would be the hardest. We were both exhausted and running on so little sleep. We knew we couldn’t just “get a hotel” if things got bad. We would have to pull off and sleep which was definitely not best case scenario. So we talked. About everything. About nothing. About what, we don’t remember. We just talked to stay awake. And we looked at the GPS about every 90 seconds, willing the ETA to continue decreasing little by little.

We finally pulled into the driveway (both of us prayed we’d remember the car top carrier was on the top of the van and not pull into the garage). We unloaded babies and rummaged through suitcases to find the monitor. And we got in bed and slept. Till 7a.

(Side note: During the night I dreamed – for those of you who know me, I do NOT dream…ever. I dreamed that I was trying to buy a potty seat for the babies to put in the back of the van when we traveled, but I felt that I needed to try it out before buying. So I did. Note to self…do not try out potty seats in real life. The End.)

Overall, it was a wonderful time seeing friends and family. David and I are so glad we survived the driving and grateful the Lord kept us safe and awake. We are grateful for your prayers. =) Please enjoy these pictures…you can click an image to see it larger and to scroll through.

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