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Mama’s Baby Birdies

A while ago I wrote about our first feeding experience (here) and what our eating schedule was like (here). Until about a month ago, though, we were only doing one feeding of solids a day. Then, I added in breakfast. And I served it up all by myself. This is the video I took of our very first breakfast – and my first time feeding the birdies. I thought it’d give you a little glimpse into what feeding frenzies times are like…though if you have multiples it’s probably an all-too familiar scene! Enjoy! =)

Fountain Triplets’ Feeding from David Fountain on Vimeo.


  1. Tonda Coyne says

    how do you find time to make creative, fun, super cute videos like this one? you are incredible.

  2. That was very well done! I loved the music!

  3. Great video! This music was perfect. I love your updates!

  4. I want to know how they all stayed so clean and how you’re able to go bib-less. Mine constantly put their fingers in their mouths after getting some food in and then they proceed to rub it all in their hair and eyelashes. What a mess!

    • We do bibs now. 🙂 it took us a long time and my hubby and I working with them at each meal…well we still have to work with them (aka distract :). But we’ve gotten to where we can do bins now. I’m not convinced they’re worth it but it does mean sometimes at lunch I don’t have to take their clothes off. I dunno!! 🙂

  5. Brian Lightfoot says

    My grandbabies have just starred in there first/ no second feature film, “Flight of the Mommy Feeder”. They are so talented and wonderful. How do you move so fast? You two are doing such a great job with these precious little people. Keep it up. Dad.

  6. Arissa May says

    HA! I love their anticipation for each bite, especially the one in the middle! So cute!!

  7. Adorable! Loved the speed up of the video during the feeding, it was probably the most realistic mental speed one is always going on when dealing with 3! Made this viewer feel warn out just from watching. ^_^ You’re a blessed Momma pouring out blessing after blessings to your Lil munchkins! <3

  8. Love this! Such happy little birdies 🙂

  9. I love everything about you and your family!

  10. I LOVE this!! My mom told me about it. She told me she loves following your posts on FB!! 🙂 This is amazing…as are you and David!

  11. Wow!!! I finally was able to watch this!!!! Loved Makenna’s feet kickin’! Sooo fun! I can’t wait to help feed my sweet grandbabies this week. <3 I love the way you love your children, Jennifer!

  12. Aren’t they little champions? I can’t believe how patient they are. Mine cry in between mouthfuls and begrudge most mouthfuls consumed by their siblings. Anyway, you are doing a superb job!

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