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Guest Post on CCEF’s Blog

Last year I blogged about the “Sex Matters” conference CCEF wanted to host at Metro Life Church. It was a wonderful experience and we met, and enjoyed our time with, the whole team. I learned so much and am so grateful for the opportunities with which CCEF provides the Christian community to grow in knowledge and wisdom. David and I completed the first course through their online School of Biblical Counseling – and loved it! Then we had babies. So we’re a bit busy right now, but we hope to begin taking courses again!

Anyways, Barbara Lane recently saw a status update on my facebook page and asked me if I would be willing to turn it into a blog post for their blog. I said, “Sure!” So here it is:

You get word that your friend just had a baby. But mixed in with the excitement and rejoicing is trepidation and concern: the sweet baby was born prematurely. You want to help and be a blessing, but what can you do? With all the tubes, wires, doctors and medical terminology, sometimes caring for couples with a baby born prematurely or in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) can be quite daunting. My husband and I know because we were on the receiving end of others’ care when we delivered our triplets last year.

Our babies were born at 32 weeks, 8 weeks premature, and spent 30 days in the NICU… (read the full article here)

To all our friends in the CCEF offices (Wayne, Tim, Barbara, Winston, Ed, Mike), the babies asked me to tell you “hello!”

I’ve found it’s near impossible to get three babies to sit still and look at the camera and smile – at the same time.

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