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The Greatest Show on Earth!

Another quick post, but I am SO excited I couldn’t stand it. We got our tickets in the mail for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey’s circus!!! One of the awesome benefits of having multiples is that companies often are generous with the parents, knowing they are hit triple-time (or more!) with expenses. It’s difficult to expand any budget to incorporate a new little person into the family, but expanding to fit THREE (again, or more!) little persons can be quite staggering. It’s not “Jon & Kate, Plus Ei8ht” generosity, but helpful and fun, nonetheless. So, we now possess a ticket for each of the babies that never expires! I’m thinking maybe a third birthday event??? Who knows!

(If you’re a MoM, make sure you check out my documentation of all the other “freebies” I’ve snagged this year! You can find them here.)

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