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All In A Year’s Work – Raising Triplets

What has it been like to have triplets? Well, here’s a quick glance at our first year raising triplets…


  • Diapers changed = 15-24 per day
  • Diapers changed = 6,600 per year (David wants everyone to know he’s changed over 50% of these. Maybe, says I.)
  • Poopy diapers changed = 1,300 per year
  • Wipes = $70 per year
  • Disposable diapers given to us = 720 (lasted one whole month!!!)
  • Disposable diaper packages = half a package per day
  • Disposable diaper costs = $80 per month for the first few months (didn’t want the volunteers to also have to spray poopy diapers – haha!)
  • Cloth Diaper costs = $625 TOTAL
  • Cleaning poopy diapers = 15 minutes per week

All In A Year's Work - Raising Triplets     www.GrowingUpTriplets.comDOCTOR/CARE:

  • Doctor appointments = 18 in 11 months (This is actually very low for triplets! Only two were sick visits and this doesn’t count the 12 month appointment yet!)
  • Weight gained (total) = 40+ pounds
  • Inches grown (total) = 31”
  • Shots given = 0
  • Ear infections = 1
  • Finger nails = 1,400 cut
  • Ears pierced = 4
  • Baths given = 20 (yep, you read that right)
  • Information tracked = 9 months (wet/poopy diapers, bottles given/to whom/and oz., breast/side/time)
  • Teething = 8 + 6 + 6 = 20 teeth
  • Hyland’s teething tablets = 6 boxes of 135 each
  • Naps = 2,000+ (no complaining here!!!)

All In A Year's Work - Raising Triplets     www.GrowingUpTriplets.comFINANCIAL:

  • Hospital costs for me = $3,500 paid out of pocket
  • Hospital costs for babies = $1,500,000 (paid $0!!!)
  • Equipment acquired this year = 6 car seats, 3 cribs, 3 pack n plays, 3 high chairs, 4 strollers (double, single, triple, triple – yes each one serves a different and necessary purpose), van (!!!), kitchen table and six chairs, changing table, 2 bath seats, 3 bouncers, 2 swings, 3 jumpers, 3 bumbos, 1 dresser, 2 rockers, 24 4 oz. bottles, 24 5 oz. bottles, 18 bowls, 30 spoons, bottle warmer, twin nursing pillow, single nursing pillow, etc.
  • Baby food = $400 increase in grocery budget (total for five months)
  • Laundry = 5 extra loads per week or 250 per year (includes 2 weekly loads of diapers)
  • Electric = $90 per month increase compared with last year
  • Water = $9 per month increase compared with last year
  • Cash gifts = nearly $5000 provided by the Lord from generous friends and family!
  • Meals = 30 meals brought during first 4 months home
  • Volunteers = 40+ volunteers helping during first 4 months home (Thank you.)


  • Breastfeeding = 9.5 months and going strong!!!
  • Sat down to breastfeed = 4,000 times
  • Time spent breastfeeding = 5 hours each day
  • Pumped = 8.5 months
  • Pumping sessions = 1,500 sessions
  • Length of time spent pumping = 432 hours
  • First day of pumping yield = 36 mLs TOTAL (one oz.)
  • Highest yield of pumping = Christmas Day!!! (48 oz. in addition to breastfeeding)
  • Fresh expressed breast milk = 3,500 oz. expressed for bottles (in addition to breastfeeding)
  • Frozen breast milk = 1200 oz. or 9+ gallons frozen over 4 months, from February – June (in addition to breastfeeding)
  • Amount pumped total = 4,700 oz. (in addition to breastfeeding)
  • Gallons of water drunk = 61,320 oz.  or 475 gallons
  • Breastfed AND supplemented = 7 weeks we breastfed and supplemented with a bottle before/after every feeding for every baby
  • Bottles given = 4,200 (from birth, when bottles were given every day – all day long, through January when they finally learned to breastfeed; plus bottles here and there)
  • Bottles washed = 4,200
  • Burps heard = 11,000
  • Donated formula = 4,000 oz. or 125 containers or 1.5 months of formula (to supplement)
  • Formula purchased = 0
  • Formula costs = $15 per day or $6,400 for the year (had I not breastfed)
  • Breastfeeding costs = $1,500 (pumps, scale, consultations, medications, herbs, etc.)
  • Savings = $4,900 saved by breastfeeding

All In A Year's Work - Raising Triplets     www.GrowingUpTriplets.comMISCELLANEOUS:

  • Professional photo shoots = 8
  • Professional photo shoot costs = $18 (woot, woot!)
  • Road trip = 1 (Atlanta)
  • YaYa visits = 100 (doesn’t include that she lived with us during the week for the first 6 weeks they were home)
  • Weight gained during pregnancy = Oh, ok, I’ll tell you. 56 pounds. Bleh.
  • Weight lost by two weeks = 22 pounds (more than half was JUST babies)
  • Hobbies = none…except three babies (Seriously, snuggling, feeding, changing, researching and blogging about them…that’s it.)
  • Heart capacity = filled to overflowing with a bazillion, trillion, one million, forty zillion ounces. I love them. So much.

Now, before you roll your eyes wondering how I had time to put all this together, I have an app that tracked much of this and was able to just pull the information. And why did I put all this together? Mainly so that I can look back and marvel at how God cared for us in the daily grind – the pure exhaustion that piled on top of pure exhaustion, the financial provision when we had no idea what we were going to do, the prayers answered for the desire to be able to breastfeed. Because He has cared for us. He has not left us forsaken, but has walked with us daily. And we owe all of the above to Him!


  1. I can so relate …
    Feel your pain (and tiredness) – marvel at God’s resuscitation. Recognize your need for stamina – amazed at God’s faithfulness. See the expense – blessed by God’s provision. Identify with the work load – astounded by Godly volunteers. Feel the love – God is so good.

  2. PS I’m a grandmother of triplets

  3. Oh my goodness, LOVE THIS!!!!! I stand AMAZED at how God has carried your little family through this past year. I love how you love your babies. And I love how they love you!!! No one can take your place in their little hearts. <3 Thank you for being such an awesome Mommy to my precious grandtriplets.

  4. Yeah for triplet grandies! Oh yeah and you triplet Mummies (that’s Oz speak).

  5. K how’d you get away with only 20 baths? Lol. I have to give ours at least everyother day!

  6. Bridget Williams says

    Wow, amazing when you really break down the numbers!! I pumped around 70+ oz a day, just not in addition to breastfeeding. 🙂 I hated bathing them before they could really sit up on their own too! We definitely did more than 20, but maybe not by a lot 😉 I only gained 36 pounds!! (delivered at 34+5) Was trying to gain, but it was so hard. They were all perfectly healthy and normal size for their gestation anyway. So.. that’s all for now.. I am enjoying your blog and will check it out more as I have time 😀

    • Goodness, you only gained 36 pounds?!??!??!? Whoa! ANd yay for 32.5! So nice to “meet” you! 🙂

      • We are FB friends, feel free to creep my triplet belly album 😉 I was tiny, but they were 12.5 lbs all together. And I was 34+5, not 32, if that’s what you were talking about 🙂 I was in active labor, at 5 cm (had noooo idea, my OB told me when I got there LOL) and I had developed severe pre-e, so… out they came!! Apgars all were 9, I was shocked and felt so so happy and blessed! <3

  7. I sent you a FB message 🙂

  8. Hi! What was the app you used??!


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