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Say “Cheese!”

We were so blessed to have so many wonderful photographers offer to do portrait sessions for us this year. They either wanted to add to their portfolios and/or they just wanted to bless us with the ability to remember how much our tiny babies have grown. We are so very grateful and amazed to have gotten 8 professional sessions done and to have paid only $18!!! What a blessing!! We are working on their 12 month pictures and will show those off as soon as we can. Heehee!

Here’s the first year, month by month…

Ok, so this wasn’t a professional shoot, but they were one month old AND it was the girls’ first night home. Noah came home three days earlier, so this was such a relief to finally have all our babies HOME!

Christopher Yates took our first official family portrait. That was also our first time out as a family…what an event that was! The babies were 2 Months old and Chris did such a great job!!

Kristen shot my wedding in February 2010 and asked if she could do the babies’ 3 Month portraits!!! The outfits the babies are wearing were made from my mother’s wedding dress!

Michelle and I went to school together years ago. She’s since become a wonderful photographer. I actually won this portrait session on Facebook! I love these pictures of the babies at 4 Months!

My friend, Leah VanCleave, shot these for us for the babies’ 5 Month portraits. She was so fun and easy to work with!

The Picture People were GREAT. I had never worked with them before, but they did a really great job and were super nice. This was for the babies’ 6 Month portraits.

My brother, Daniel, has a degree in film and does both photography and video professionally for Disney! He did a portrait session for us in the midst of an insane schedule. He is so thorough and did a wonderful job! I absolutely love this portrait of the babies at 7 Months.

My sister, Stephanie, is a photographer and shot their 8 Month portraits. These outfits were the ones David and I picked out for them when we found out we were having triplets. I love this shot.

I shot this one with my new camera. This is what happens when you don’t know how to use it and you have three 9 Month babies who can move all over the place.

I also shot their 10 Month pictures. It’s now next to impossible to get three babies looking cute at the same time. Well, ok, they’re cute regardless.

Stephanie shot their 11 Month portraits, also! This was their first beach experience and they are adorable, if I do say so myself.

And there you have it! Stay tuned for more pictures: during each of these portrait sessions I did a “Grow With Me” theme with some fun costumes! I also will have birthday party pics and their 12 Month portraits in the next few weeks. Hurray!!!


Christopher Yates:

Kristen Morris:

Michelle Guzman:

Leah VanCleave:

The Picture People:

Daniel Lightfoot:

Steph Lightfoot:


  1. Great photos Jennifer. You have been very blessed! I adore the three month picture – your mother’s wedding dress, how extremely special. Christopher Yates first photo and your brother’s 7 month photo are also favourites of mine. Just beautiful.


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