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Makenna Mae – Baby Girl

Makenna Mae. Oh, how I loved you right from the beginning. You were my firstborn – even if it was by only a few minutes! My big, baby girl, leading the pack by a whopping ounce! I remember holding you for the first time. You were the first baby I touched, the first baby I held. I remember being able to clearly see your face because you’d already “graduated” off of oxygen. It was quite a shock to see your small body. You seemed so tiny and fragile. But it wasn’t long before you proved to us all that you were quite the fighter! Every day when we arrived in your hospital room, we knew that the white board would show you’d gained a lot. We rejoiced and marveled at God’s faithfulness to continue to grow your body so quickly.One long (and, strangely, short) month later…you came home from the hospital! We drove you and Sissy home, where Brother was excitedly waiting. From there, it’s been a wonderfully wild ride.

Makenna, you are my silly girl, my ‘Kenna, my princess. You love to copy mommy and daddy and were the first baby to sit up by yourself! The first teeth to pop through were yours – all four of them!! You were also the first one to say “dada” and “mama”! And you have definitely been the easiest to breastfeed all this time – with such an endearing look on your face that says “finally!” I love the way your eyes shine when you look at me and pray they always will – even through all the ways in which I will fail you. Your beautiful smile just lights up the room. We tell others you are our “careful” baby and that if they get a smile from you, they should feel honored. You love to dance and make silly faces. You have always been so content to play where mommy puts you – inspecting everything from your vantage point. You love to be with mommy and share your toys with me. You sign “cup” and “more” and clap and give “high five” like a pro! I love your little “half laugh” – daddy and I joke that it sounds like you get so excited you forget the other half of your laugh. I love how your belly lops over your pretty pink diaper. I love your little mohawk that someday WILL be lots of hair….I promise! I love how feminine your pink earrings look.

You, Sissy and Brother have always had a mischievous relationship. I wonder what you guys will be up to in the years ahead! For months now, you’ve been scheming with each other and staying up during nap times concocting some naughty plans. But that’s ok, because I love it. I love seeing your head poke over the bumper in your crib to talk to them and your fat little fingers reach for them with excitement when you see one of them eating next to you. All must be right in your world – to have your favorite people surrounding you.

I am so proud of you, Baby Girl. You’ve grown so much this year! You will grow in countless ways in future years, too. And I pray that as you do you will learn to trust Jesus as your Saviour, that you will learn the secret of a joy-filled life laid down for others. Mommy and daddy will always be here for you and will always love you.

Love ALWAYS…always.


My Baby Girl – less than two weeks old. Oh, how I love her!!

Makenna at 11m old. Such a smiley girl!!


  1. I absolutely love every word of this. You were born to be Mommy. I love you!

  2. I cried all the way through your letter to your precious daughter. Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was writing a similar letter to MY firstborn daughter?? How quickly time flies…before you can blink an eye, that adorable baby girl will be asking for the car keys. 😉 But enjoy every minute of her sweet, chubby, sparkly happiness while you can. She is so blessed to have you for a mama… I love our little Missy Mae Mae, and I love you. (so glad there are 2 more letters coming, that I get to cry through!)


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