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Emma Claire – Sweet Girl

My sweet Emma. I remember how hard it was to trust God that He was caring for you in my womb when, at times, it seemed you were struggling the most. I saw how your brother and sister were growing and willed you to keep up with them. Now, it’s your brother and sister who are trying to keep up with you!!! (Learn early that the Lord is ALWAYS faithful, sweet girl, and you will have peace in those challenging times.) When I first held your little-ness in my arms, I marveled at how beautiful you were. Everything was so perfect – right down to the crooked pinkies we all got from Yaya! Throughout your stay in the NICU, you fought hard to be able to come home with us. Several times it seemed you took a step or two backwards but each time it wasn’t long before you were back up to speed. Even after your little apnea spell during the carseat test, you quickly regrouped and passed…it’s never a good idea to poop during a carseat test, darling.  

When we brought you home you were our EASY one. You were happy to sleep and sleep…and grow and eat and grow. Always contented, I knew something was not right if you cried. Now, you are still the most contented and happy baby but with quite a bit of mommy-itis. That’s ok, I’ll take some extra snuggles!  

Emma, you’re my little froggy, my cheesehead, my princess. I love your little faces with your mouth all scrunched up towards your nose. I love being able to comfort you when those incredibly large tears fall from your big blue eyes. I love that you are my “mini-me” and everybody can see that. You are my fighter, sweet girl. I love how, many times, you’ve blasted past the other two in height and weight. You are my most difficult nurser but the one I am most proud of – since you were the last one to get to work with mommy on a regular basis (at 4 months) to learn how to nurse. And nurse you do! You may be my most difficult, but you’re my most efficient! You are so patient and wait your turn so well. You certainly didn’t get that from mommy!! As patient as you are, though, your strong will is already very evident. I love how you growl and grunt to show me you’re unhappy. Did you know the effect is that I laugh? It’s really cute!

Your wispy, blonde hair and your lavender earrings make you look like such a big girl. You are such a good eater at the table, too! You were the first to “get” finger foods and couldn’t care less that you were supposed to be using your fingers like a lady – no, shoveling the food in with your fists was better. And you love your sippy cup and drank like a pro from early on. You were the first to stand alone and have always been so quick to grasp a new achievement and move on to the next one…slow down, sweet girl!

Emma, I love you so very much and am so excited to be able to guide you as you grow. It is not always going to be easy or fun. But Jesus knows exactly what you’re struggling with – so turn to Him, sweet girl.

I love you, always. ALWAYS.


My sweet girl – such a treasure! Ohhhhh, I love her!

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  1. Once again, precious. Thank you for sharing these cards with us!!


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