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How Big Is Baby? Sooo Big!!!

For those inquiring minds, I am happy to post that I finally know what the babies currently weigh! We had their 12 month check-up about a week and a half ago and our pediatrician was very happy with where they’re at – no concerns and no issues. They are following their own growth curve and are on the charts for a full-term baby. Typically a pre-term baby goes by their “adjusted age” which means that if they were born nearly 8 weeks early, as ours were, they are measured by the age they would be had they been born full-term (FT). So, ours are 12.5 months “actual” and 10.5 months “adjusted.”

Makenna Mae-Mae was born at 3#13 oz and 16 1/4″. She now weighs 17#13 oz and is 27″ long. She weighs as much as 19% of the one year olds world-wide (according to the WHO) and is as long as 2% of them. My short little fatty. Ha!

Noah David-buddy was born at 3#12 oz and 16 3/4″. He now weighs 18#7oz and is 28 1/4″ long. He weighs as much as 9% of the one year olds world-wide and is as long as 4% of them. He’s David, through and through! …YES! I got my mini-him.

Emma Claire-bear was born at 3#12 oz and 17 3/4″. She now weighs 17#13 oz and is 28 3/4″ long. She weighs as much as 19% of the one year olds world-wide and is as long as 33% of them. My skinny-minnie! She and Makenna are about as opposite in build as any siblings come!!

This is quite a victory. The five of us have fought HARD for this outcome! David has fully supported me in my breast-feeding endeavors…a wonderful thing for any man but made more astounding considering the fact that he had never changed a diaper prior to meeting our babies!! This man had no knowledge of what it was to breastfeed one baby, let alone three babies. So, this rejoicing-moment is every bit his right as it is mine! (I love you, babe! We WOULD NOT have made it without you!!!) And each of these babies are troopers. They have worked with me (mostly patiently) and gone with the flow (pun intended) as my milk supply was all over the place. Even now they’re adjusting my body to get what they need as I reduce the bf-ing meds. They are simply amazing. They have put up with my countless tears huddled over their little bodies, begging God to help us be successful – to let them gain weight so we can continue this journey. They have smiled at me and melted my heart right in moments I was ready to throw in the nursing pads.

So, you see, it’s not just a great check-up…it was a GREAT check-up. The Lord has been kind to me, answering many whispered prayers, even as I accused Him of not allowing me the “normal” experiences most women have from day one. I am so grateful He chose to bless us with this experience, in spite of my often-times sinful attitudes. It is one more area in which I can see His care for me and my family. In the midst of it, it is SO hard to see this but I pray all of these experiences will help me recall His faithfulness in future struggles.

What’s next? Will I wean? Nah, probably not. We’ve worked so hard to get to this place, I’m happy to continue for a while…but I have learned to set small goals and rejoice when I meet them. But more on that soon…

Our babies at one year!
(PC: Steph Lightfoot)


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