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I Don’t Need The Ritz!

Today I am continuing the ½ marathon blog challenge by writing a series for newly married couples and new parents (but feel free to stick around even if neither of these describes you!). As I mentioned yesterday, David and I have been navigating the early days of parenthood and might be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel…or so we hope. Smile

David has done a wonderful job this year in communicating his care for me in various ways. He has encouraged me to take a “breather” for short periods of time. Never again will I be fully free from distractions, but there are ways that I can take off my “mommy” hat and be…Jennifer. One of the ways he’s helped me is by taking the baby from my hands and sending me to our room to relax for a little while. Husbands, this will be most appreciated by your wife…mooooooost appreciated! Sometimes he will take the monitor and go in the other room so I can take an undisturbed nap. As moms, it doesn’t matter how well Baby is sleeping – we still listen for that inevitable cry that jolts through each fiber of our bodies. This means when we lay down for a nap it’s not really all that restful. David knows this and so on the weekends he will often give up the opportunity of a nap to play with an early-awakened baby while I sleep on for a bit.

Waiting for Daddy to come home! …Mommy’s favorite part of the day!

Occasionally, he will also take the wooden spoon out of my hand and tell me to get away from the stove. He banishes me from the kitchen and to our room so I can relax for a few moments while he finishes dinner preparations. As a mama, by the time night falls (and that lovely “witching hour” most babies taunt their parents with) we are often so exhausted that bedtime at 7:30pm sounds glorious for us, as well as our little ones! These tiny moments do so much in reviving me for the evening. I can then tackle projects, cleaning the kitchen, etc.! Now, guys, if food preparation is not your forte and concerns your wife to no end – do not be discouraged! Stay tuned for an even more brilliant way to bless your wife!

Essentially, it’s not the elaborate aspects of what you do….it’s that you DO something. I know my husband is exhausted after a long day of work. And then he steps in the house and becomes “Husband” and “Father.” So for him to make these efforts towards blessing me??? Honestly, I’m happier than if he sent me to the Ritz for a day! (Love, please don’t let the previous sentence keep you from sending me there IF you ever so desire. ‘K? Great!) Wives, obviously the tables can be turned here. When the hubby steps in the door, you can keep him from doing some task he heads right for and send him to relax for a few moments, etc.

Check back tomorrow for one of David’s favorites!

 Day 2 of the marriage blog challenge from CMBA. To see other CMBA bloggers, click here.


  1. Excellent, Jennifer. You are providing easy and practical help and advice. Love it!

  2. I love this! Hope other husbands read it and are encouraged. It’s not the huge surprises or even the big money spent, but often it’s the daily tasks that they do for you (dishes, bathes for the kids, let you nap/sleep in a little longer, etc.) that can make SUCH a big difference and show his love in the deepest most sacrificial way!!


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