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Diapers, Bottles and Carseats…oh my!

If you’re just joining me, welcome! I’m in the middle of a series – a ½ marathon blog challenge with CMBA. Yesterday, I shared one of the ways David likes to bless me during this crazy season of early-parenting (I Don’t Need the Ritz). When David and I were discussing how the other has surprised, helped or blessed us, one of his first was for husbands to revisit your budget prior to having Baby. My first thought was “boring!” But he continued that revisiting NOW means fewer surprises THEN. At that point, I thanked God for yet more wisdom from my husband and jotted his idea down to share.

If you Google “what do I need for a new baby,” about 1 billion links will pop up. No joke. I did it! The recommendations can be overwhelming! And the advertising is successful! Many of us will buy items we were told we can’t live without…only to never even take them out of the box! And if you’re like me, you think you’ll need it all in the picture-perfect nursery – waiting and ready for the day you bring Baby home. If I had it to do all over again, I would save us both some trouble and headaches and wait a bit before buying each item everyone told me we would need.

Diapers for the triplets – $80 per month!

Now, there are going to be some legitimate needs. And expenses. Let’s face it; having a baby is not cheap. (I recently listed some of our interesting expenses here.) So, planning ahead as much as you possibly can will really serve you in the first months of all the baby-crazy. (Can anyone say “diapers??!!”) Ask some like-minded friends what types of expenses they encountered the first year(s). Try to sit down and talk through what you know, and where you think, your budget will need to be adjusted. And then maybe try to adapt to this new budget before the baby arrives to get some practice.

Of course, all of this sounds really easy. If you’re like us, though, budget-convos typically start with David gently saying, “Can we talk about our finances in a calm, patient and loving manner?” I have no idea what he’s talking about. Heh. Ok, ok, so I get a little tense and loud and stressed out. It’s a constant battle for me to not become fearful…but such a good exercise for me as I’d rather have those conversations than to have the regretful ones when the account reads “$0.” Oh, and I know not to ask for these conversations late at night – when David is not going to be fully awake. Heehee – learned that one the hard way…yes we did!

As you prepare for your “budget conversation,” don’t forget that the Lord is FAITHFUL. He may not send you a check for $15,000 to cover those expenses (I actually told David that is what I was hoping He would do). But He will care for your family. He wants to. It probably won’t look the way you want it to and various sacrifices will be made but He has promised to care for His people. So be encouraged…and don’t forget to keep a little money budgeted for a date night or two a month – it doesn’t have to be a ton (probably can’t be, anymore). More on this soon, though!

Day 3 of the marriage blog challenge from CMBA. To see other CMBA bloggers, click here.


  1. Being married to The Accountant ensures we have lots of discussions about money! They are a lot less heated after almost 15 years of marriage then they were at the beginning though. Praise the Lord. Phew! They are important conversations to have.

    • Ohmygosh! I am so encouraged! Hopefully in 15 yrs I will have much more self-control in these convos! 🙂

      • Self control is important, but it also helps that you both get to know how each one is wired a bit more and you know what to say and what not to say and how to work around what is important to each other. I also had to back down and not respond as though Alex was attacking me everytime he asked why I had spent money a certain way. When I just told him, he normally would just say OK, and move to the next item on the credit card. (He always checks the statements, but I’ve discovered it’s more to keep on top of bank errors then my spending!) So much easier when I would have a great big fight justifying why I had bought something!


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