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What Am I?

Morning! We’re continuing our series – ½ marathon blog challenge with CMBA – and hope to encourage newly married couples and new parents as they prepare for or navigate the waters of …parenthood. Dun-dun-dunnnn! David and I currently are plodding away, with one year old babies, and wanted to pass on some easy-to-remember and easy-to-implement tips. Today, it’s my turn.

Back in the day (all 1.5 years ago), I took a shower every day. I did my hair. I did my make-up. I slipped my heels on. Jumping into my car (did you know you don’t move fast with a baby?), I balanced my thermos of coffee and my cute purse and cranked up the worship music as I headed to the office (oh, Metro Life Church office, people…how I miss you!!). I smelled nice. (I think I did!) I didn’t have smudges on my glasses. And I certainly wasn’t wearing the same thing I wore the day before.

Fast-forward to today. I did shower the day before yesterday…I think. My glasses need to be cleaned. Desperately. I haven’t finished a cup of coffee since my last day at the office. I still have make-up on from two days ago. It’s too much work to switch from the diaper bag to the purse. I am wearing the same gym shorts and tee from yesterday…except there are new stains from the babies’ breakfast. Oh gee!

Lest you think this is a complain-fest, it’s not. I’m simply describing one aspect of my past and how life today looks in comparison. I could go on and on and say what a joy it is to have three babies giggling and laughing at me and adoring me and reaching for me and mimicking me and…but I won’t (you can read other posts here if you want to see how cute they are! Heehee!). I could also describe how incredibly challenging the office work was and the countless things I juggled every single day. I could also go into how long those years of being single and working day after similar day turned many of those drives home into puddles of tears. But I won’t.

One of the many escapades from which I daily rescue Noah. =)

My point is this. As a new mom, life is often really, really messy. (I hear it stays messy for quite some time…but don’t think about that yet, ladies! Stick with me!!) It’s easy to feel like all we are are the dish-washers, diaper-changers, vacuum-uppers, grocery-shoppers, laundry-folders, crying-baby-shush-ers and on and on and on. It’s really hard to feel like a wife. Guys, here’s where you come in! Prove to her that you do think of her as a wife – that she’s still beautiful to you, even with her nappy hair and fading make-up, roots that haven’t been touched up in months and that baby-belly sag. Show her you think of her during the day. Walk in the door with her favorite slurpee. Send her text messages. Pick up the phone during the baby’s happy time so you can talk to both of them. Running work errands? Skip half your lunch and show up with an afternoon Starbucks! Send her a card from the office. Make her a Mixed CD to listen to of your favorite songs during the day. Of course, there’s always the Publix on the way home for some flowers. The sky’s the limit. And honestly, money doesn’t have to be spent at all to communicate how much you miss her throughout the day. Oh, and take a breath because we’re not suggesting you do this daily (hence the “surprise” aspect). Do it as the Lord leads you…but if she has to hint you’ve waited too long. Ha!

One word of caution: whatever and whenever you choose to surprise your wife with something…don’t be late arriving home with it. Nothing worse than walking in on a fuming wife after trying to surprise her! Save the idea for tomorrow and bless her with your presence on time! Smile

And ladies, we’ve kinda been giving the guys a list of ideas to bless us…tomorrow we’ll discuss something we can do for them!!

Day 4 of the marriage blog challenge from CMBA. To see other CMBA bloggers, click here.


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