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Just a Little High-School Romance…

It’s Day 5 of our ½ marathon blog challenge with CMBA. Our goal during these 13 days is to provide newly married couples and new parents with some easy to remember ways to make the early parenting days a little…less short-fused. Temptations to sin may seem new and more difficult to battle than BC (before children), but with a little perspective adjustment and help from the Holy Spirit you’ll find you and your husband will…ahhh, I’m getting ahead of myself! Stop back by tomorrow to see what my hubby always says that just melts me. .smile.

So today, ladies, is one we are (probably) better at than the guys – remembering those anniversaries! I’m not talking about just THE anniversary, but about recalling the small anniversaries. You know the ones I’m referring to, right? The ones that make us feel like the high school girl. They turn us into a puddle just with a memory or two. You with me? Yeahhhh, you know what I’m talking about…

The inevitable and awkward “first picture.” But I love it. Because I know how the story continues…

And I have a confession to make. I’m a hoarder (not off-topic, I promise). More specifically, I’m a “memory hoarder.” I love all the little anniversaries that David and I share. One of our favorite things to do is to talk about these from our short time together. They impress on us once again that God truly did know what He was doing when He brought us together. They remind us of what we love about one another and what we felt when those anniversaries took place. So…I hoard. I hoard the voicemail David left me the day he asked if he could take me out to discuss his interest in me (I love both the nervousness and courage I hear in his voice). David asked me out on February 9, 2009. We had our first date on February 10, 2009 and I hoard the memory of that lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings (don’t worry, it was MY choice!). I sigh with remembering our first “boyfriend and girlfriend” date on February 13, 2009 – so awkward and yet so…so…so sovereignly ordained! Fast-forward a few months, and this incredible man asked ME to spend the rest of my life with him!! …on Saturday, September 5, 2009. I will never forget the way my heart stopped beating, the sight of the countless roses waiting for me, the vision of the man I loved down on one knee with a ring for ME and my first kiss. A full year after we began courting, we were married on Friday, February 5, 2010. This was the day I had waited my 29 ½ years for – it was everything I’d ever dreamed. I was marrying this man, the man I’d fallen in love with. And then…

Then reality hit. We were married. The days weren’t marked by giggly little events so much as normal, every day “stuff.” It was life we were living and though each day was (and is!) a gift with each other, the days stretch into weeks, weeks into months and now we’re approaching the “years” description of our marriage. So because I’m a self-professed memory-hoarder, I love to remember the day it all began…on the 10th of every month. That’s right. It’s one day out of every month that I know my focus will be fully on my husband. My desire is to be more patient, more honoring, more of a blessing as I remember all the ways he has loved me. It’s funny, isn’t it, how that can make your love for one another grow?

This next month we celebrate our 45th anniversary. Yup. Forty-five months of being together – best friends. I don’t usually do anything out of the ordinary; many times I’ll send him a text or post a status on Facebook about and to him. And of course we often recount those memories together and thank God for His faithfulness. See? Nothing grand. Pretty simple and I’ll even ‘fess up that I have to add it to my Outlook calendar to remember (post-baby brain and all). But I love how it keeps His faithfulness and David’s love and commitment to me in front of me…month by month.

In a different season of life, though, I’d love to do more – be more creative. What are ways you’ve found to remember those little anniversaries?

Day 5 of the marriage blog challenge from CMBA. To see other CMBA bloggers, click here.


  1. Ha Ha! I don’t remember little anniversaries at all! But we do like reliving the past and talk about it often, without the anniversaries. I’m sure they are good prompts though, I just suppose I hoard memories differently!


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