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Run For the Border!

So if you’re following along with my hubby and I as we discuss ways we’ve survived the early days of new parenthood, you may have read yesterday my mention of one of the best ways to make this Mama happy. If you’re a mom, I’ll bet you can guess. Go ahead! Yep. You are SO right!

Bring home dinner.

It is uh-mazing how much stress is removed from my plate (pun intended) when David offers to bring dinner home. If it’s been a particularly crazy day, he’ll often ask once he arrives home if we should just order in. What a blessing!!!!! We’ve had a bunch of meetings lately which means that I spend naptimes just picking up the house and getting myself ready. Dinner is sometimes just not an easy thing to make happen. (It is incredible how quickly the day can fly past when you don’t want it to!) Especially when one baby (or more!) happens to be extra fussy and clingy.

A 10 lb bag of carrots…could end up being David’s dinner!!

Of course, this impacts the budget which, as we discussed earlier in this 1/2 marathon blog challenge with CMBA, is often very limited in this season. But I am more than willing to make sacrifices in other areas in order for a treat every now and then! It is a season of adjusting to caring for the needs of others who are rather demanding. Up till now, I have cared for me, myself and I…and one very independent husband. These days my “free” (ha!) hours often do not look as planned. Like this morning – fixing a second batch of steamed carrots for the babies because I burned the pot for the first batch. Yeah…so frustrating. And stinky!

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love cooking for my family. As much work as it has been, I really love the challenge healthy baby food and grown-up food has been. I often feel like Ma Ingalls as I cut up my fresh produce and wonder if the pie on the pie shelf has been stolen again. (Ok, except for the pie part!!) But let’s face it. There are days…and then there are days. This historically very independent woman has learned to accept help. So when David offers, I take him up on it. And all God’s children said, “Aaaaaamen!”

Until tomorrow…

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  1. We don’t get takeaway or eat out very often, but I agree. When do, it’s a deeeevine feeling avoiding the cooking. We did have pizza this week. We have now started to buy two large pizzas and there was only two slices left now the boys appetites are growing. The babies didn’t even get any, I wonder how many pizza’s we will have to order next year?


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