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Captivated .Again.

We’re nearing the finish line; our ½ marathon blog challenge with CMBA is just days away from completion. I hate running…but this is fun. Haha! Today, David’s little tip is a well-known and most desired event but it often feels as if it might require the moving of a mountain.

Date your wife.

There is nothing like a new baby to make you long for those care-free days when you very nearly did as you pleased, yet leaves you too exhausted to do anything at all. However, dating your wife (post marriage, obviously. Obviously.) is pretty important since it, for a few hours, separates the two of you from everyday life. It gives you the chance to reconnect, to have unhurried conversation, to focus on how each other is doing in this new season. Dating enables David to pursue me as his wife and to communicate with me as such and not just as the day-to-day laundry-doer. It also provides the opportunity for me to do the same with him. Prior to this crazy-fun season, we were husband and wife. And we still are! But it is really, really easy to forget this amidst the challenges of our new roles as “mama” and “dada.”

Valentine’s Day after the babies were born! <3

Admittedly, this one will take a bit of planning, I’m afraid. But I promise it’s worth the effort and will be so super enjoyable once you’re out! David and I have been so blessed by my parents to get out on a monthly basis. They’re all for more frequently, but that’s all we have managed so far. Since I’m still breastfeeding, I have to stick a little closer to home. But that’s ok, we’ve learned to be creative with our date nights. We’ve done everything from dinner and a movie to walks in the park with coffee. We may or may not have run errands on a date night. And we’ll definitely laugh about the night we ran over to pick-up a Craigslist purchase. But you know what? It’s not about what we do together, it’s that we are together. Alone. Face to face. Even if we only talk over dinner, before running some errand, I’m refreshed and reminded of why I love this man. My focus has been infused with a bright outlook on this calling God has given us – to honor and serve Him together as we raise our children.

So ladies, it is worth it. The glorious, tempting illusion of date nights that have faded away into the past can be part of the present! They are worth the effort of finding a sitter, dealing with a cranky baby (pre or post date night), spending nap times getting yourself presentable to the outside world, etc. And guys, may we encourage you to have a plan? It is such an honoring thing to find out that date night has been thought through! Maybe even help her secure someone to watch the baby! Of course, this is often the most difficult aspect for David. But our friends, Tom and Debi, over at The Romantic Vineyard have made this uber easy!! Not only do they write about all things marriage-related, they also gather up an ongoing, amazing list of all the fun activities to do in the Orlando area. (Even if you’re not in the area, I’ll bet their ideas will spark some of your own!) Click here to view their current list of date night ideas. We are so grateful to these dear friends for their investment in our lives and marriage – not just in person (they go to our church!) but through the gift of technology and this blog they run together. We’re pretty sure you’ll fall in love with them, as well!

So anyways, guys – date your wives! =) And ladies, let’s respond and get out of the house eagerly to spend time with our men. The Lord promises it will be well worth the effort. (Song of Solomon 4:9)

Day 11 of the marriage blog challenge from CMBA. To see other CMBA bloggers, click here.


  1. Love it. I’m inspired. We usually do date-Friday (put the kids to bed, have a fancy meal together with candle light, I stay up past my usual 8 p.m. bedtime), but getting out of the house together is important!

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