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“List-maker, List-maker, Make Me a List!”

Welcome back! We’re already on Day 12 of our ½ marathon blog challenge with CMBA!! Yesterday we discussed date night importance. And today I wanted to share a tip I learned from a married woman years and years before David was even in the picture!

Task lists. Either you love ‘em or you hate ‘em. But actually, we all use them. You may not actually write your “to-do’s” down on a notepad but you more than likely keep track of them in your head. Either way, we all have a growing list of tasks to accomplish and cross off. These lists seem never ending and, at times, quite daunting. Personally, I am a list-maker-lover. I am one of those who writes down already accomplished tasks in order to be able to cross them off. It’s true. And I am not ashamed. It helps to see what I have already taken care of for the day. (Bed made? Check! Ahhhh…)

Still, it is super easy to be overwhelmed by all that must be done in any given day. I find it quite funny that what I used to do at my pre-mommyhood job often seems far more challenging and worthwhile than all the things I might now get to in an entire week! Everything I now do gets quickly undone – and must be re-done in the all too near future. Earlier in this blogging challenge, I shared that these days it’s sometimes not unusual to find me in the same clothes I wore the day before (“What Am I?”). In spite of all I used to be able to accomplish, these days it is often a good day if I get dressed, make food for all five of us and have clean laundry. It’s not that my capability for getting things done has changed…but the things needing done have. The demands are different. Not quite as…controllable. .smile.

Enjoying our babies together, instead of rushing through the myriad of unending tasks.

So besides the obvious challenge this presents (of getting used to getting seemingly less done), I am also faced with choosing to which tasks I will give my attention. Often, the tasks I choose are the ones most important to me. Understandably, right? Sort of. But what about what’s important to my husband? Well, getting back to the tip I learned from a married woman, some time ago…I’m learning to ask “What tasks would serve my husband for me to accomplish?” Would he prefer to come home to a wife who’s striven all day to bake, cook, clean and empty the laundry bins (oh, there are SO many these days!!)? Or would he prefer to come home to a wife who’s pulled together a simple meal, leaving the cleaning for after they’re in bed, in order to spend time enjoying the babies? Or would he prefer I skip writing that blog post in order to get those shirts ironed so he doesn’t have to do them himself?

I don’t always do a great job thinking of his preferences throughout the day. But, if truth be told, he has far fewer expectations of me than I do of myself! So, really, it should be pretty easy to get to the tasks he is blessed with. Of course there are certain things that need to be done but I’m thinking we’d save ourselves a lot of frustrations and tears, ladies, if we instead seek to do what is truly important. My goal is to daily do something that blesses him, focus on my children and get something done off my task list. At the end of the day, to the outside world, I may have accomplished very little. But if I’ve blessed my husband and enjoyed my babies and gotten some other task taken care of…I think it’s been a really good day.

Tomorrow we’ll be closing out our little series. I’ll be sharing an idea that, pre-babies, I never would have thought I’d enjoy so much. See you then!

Day 12 of the marriage blog challenge from CMBA. To see other CMBA bloggers, click here.


  1. What a good reminder!! I’ve been enjoying all your posts, but this one really met me….I usually have a crazy-long to-do list and often times, I say that I’m doing them to serve my husband, but usually his to-do list for me is much smaller….and I would serve him more if I wasn’t stressed about all the other stuff!

  2. This post made me laugh because in preparing for lil Annabelle’s arrival I had LISTS for my LISTS…like multiple lists all intermingled and referencing one another in different ways..and they never shrunk. But baby is here and enjoying her is my priority. David is so good at reminding me of what is truly important and even helps me, many times, to prioritize what is on my list (and even some things he can take off it completely by swinging by Publix on the way home!).

    Although he and I are both list lovers learning to not let it control you and make you a mad woman for when your man gets home is something I’m learning to do, and he is helping me SO much in that! Thanks for the reminder! I am also so enjoying these posts.


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