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13 Ways for New Parents to Rekindle the Romance

Thanks again for joining us for the mini-series we just finished helping new parents to rekindle the romance in their marriages! We’ve loved hearing from you how our thoughts have mirrored your own and, at times, been new suggestions for you. It’s neat to see how the Lord chooses to work in us; we are very grateful for the gift of technology and the opportunities things like blogs provide. They can, like so many things, be instruments and means of grace in our lives. We hope to learn from you, too. Leave a note with your favorite post and be sure to link to your blog so we can visit!

13 Ways for New Parents to Rekindle the Romance #romance #baby #marriage

If you missed any of the posts, you can either click on the “Christian Marriage Bloggers Association” category or any of the links below.

  1. 1/2 Marathon – My Style
  2. I Don’t Need the Ritz (blessing your wife)
  3. Diapers, Bottles and Carseats – Oh My! (revisiting your budget prior to Baby’s arrival)
  4. What Am I? (showing her you think of her)
  5. Just a Little High School Romance (recalling the small anniversaries)
  6. The Place of Choosing (fighting together against sin)
  7. Coconut Lotion Does Not Equal Stress (giving your spouse a massage)
  8. Small Beginnings (praying and reading together)
  9. Just a Little Effort (blessing the hubby)
  10. Run for the Border (bringing dinner home)
  11. Captivated .Again. (dating your wife)
  12. “List-maker, List-maker, Make Me a List!” (choosing tasks)
  13. What’s Netflix Got To Do With It? (feeding on the weekends)

What’s something that has helped you and your spouse rekindle the romance post-baby?


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