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Then and Now

(Ok, so I know I said I’d post birthday pics today, but it’s taking longer than I thought. And I wanted to post this a few weeks ago, anyway…)

A year makes a big difference in the life of a preemie. Our babies were born at 3 lbs 12-13 oz each and now weigh somewhere in the 18 lbs range. That is right where they should be for a FULL-TERM baby!! God is SO good!! (I wrote more about their growth process here.) I saw this idea on another triplet mama’s blog and wanted to do it. I had NO idea how challenging it would be! Take a look at what they wore home from the hospital at one month old (between 4.12 and 5.8 each!) and how big they are one full year later….

Thank you, Lord!!!

And, just so you can appreciate the above even more…here are the outtakes. Oh, babies, I love you. Thank you for still loving mama after this!!!

Tried to do this on THE homecoming day…yeah…we’ll try again tomorrow.

Emma thought it was a game. No, sweet girl. Nooooo!

Baby Girl in motion…

Note the tears in his eyes. Yes, this was a project that was not happily accomplished.

And tomorrow, birthday. I promise.



  1. So cute and a great idea!

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