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Teach Your Baby To Communicate – The Fun Way!

Calling all moms!!! Did you know that with sign language “babies and toddlers can communicate their needs and wants clearly, without the frustration typical of the ‘terrible twos?'” Have you ever checked out the benefits of Baby Signing Time for your little one(s)? I am very excited about it and look forward to getting my first order of products (a DVD, flash cards, Bible lesson plans). I am a part of a co-op on Facebook that is placing an order November 27 with a discount. If you’re interested (or grandparents, if YOU’RE interested!), let me know on Facebook and I’ll add you to the co-op. The orders will arrive in time for Christmas gifts!!

Already our triplets know the sign for “more” and “cup” and we are working with them on about a dozen more (including – please, thank you, all done, mommy, daddy, eat, I love you, etc.). I can’t tell you how helpful it is for three babies to know how to ask mommy for “more” when they’d like more food!!! Well…one child (who shall remain nameless!) has chosen a variation of the sign and bangs his (oops!) hand on the table. We are working with dear Noah. =) But, seriously, I cannot wait to add daily to their vocabulary with these products!!

Check out the full list of products here and let me know on Facebook if you’d like to join the co-op!

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  1. We loved signing with ours when they were little! I had every intent of continuing with ASL as part of school…haven’t quite worked it in yet…just thrilled all 3 can be understood by other people now and speech therapy is slowly trickling down to a memory and not a multiple weekly occurance come one more school year!

    • Oh and it is such a joy :rolls eyes: to constantly explain to people that my child is saying thank you and NOT blowing ‘you’ a random stranger a kiss for simply giving him/her something or saying a nice compliment! O_o

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