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A Frog Prince and Two Princesses

If you missed yesterday’s virtual Christmas card from our family to yours, you can click here!

Right after the babies’ birthday we did a birthday/family photo shoot with Simply Different Photography and we are using these adorable portraits for lots of things…but more on that later. =) May I introduce you to a very Froggity Frog Prince? And two Precious Princesses?

Makenna, Noah and Emma – the cutest princesses and frog you ever did see!

Silly Baby Girl!

Still getting used to her crown…and that belly!!!

Such a happy baby!!

Silly Girl! Giggly Girl!

Oh, that smile!!!

:sigh: Oh, my sweetheart.

Mom, I’m not so sure about this anymore…

Our little princesses!!!

So easily distracted. =)

Don’t baby models get breaks, mom?

The Frog Prince.

Turning from the Frog into the Prince that he is!!! =)

Wow, what a prince!

Look out, ladies! I’ve got the GQ thing down!

Our little heartthrobs. =)


I love my little bald-headed babes!!!

Think they know they’re cute???

Blue eyes, rosebud lips, tutu and pearls…ohhhh my goodness!

Oh, my Chubs, I love you!!

Picture perfect! Baby Girl, strike that POSE!

::little ballerinas::

Emma’s starting to lose it…Makenna’s just getting started! =)

Happy Thanksgiving and MERRY Christmas! We are so grateful for all our friends and family! Love, The Fountains

I have to tell you: our photographer, Krystal Fabian of Simply Different Photography, did a phenomenal job! She brought an incredible amount of props, costumes, head pieces, sets, etc. She also had an assistant (which in my experience and very humble opinion =) is the only way to go – an assistant is a must!). She was flexible, fun and super sweet!

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  1. Love these photos! Those petti skirts are adorable. Combined with the bead, absolute winning combo!

  2. What beautiful and entertaining shots . . . thanks for sharing.

  3. Great pictures! We use Best Bottoms too for our trio!

  4. Lovely photos. I just started following recently, and I wondered: are the girls identical?


  1. […] A frog and two princesses – the cutest ones you ever did see! […]

  2. […] I have lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked where I get the girls’ cute tutus and all their pretty hair bows! The answer? The HairBow Company. I am a sucker for having my girls match but finding and buying two outfits that do is often incredibly difficult. I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg to get cute hair bows and headbands, too! The HairBow Company sells many of their items in bulk and offers a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge variety of items (leg warmers, flower clips, hats, marabou, rompers, ribbons, etc.). When I came across their website, I realized they were selling those adorable crochet headbands for about $0.33 apiece! So I may have bought a couple…dozen. And when I saw the tutus, I came up with the “grow with me” picture idea that I did for their first year. If you haven’t seen those pics yet, you can check them out here: Say “Cheese!”, part 2. Oh, and their first birthday shoot is full of tutus and lace, as well: A Frog Prince and Two Princesses. […]

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