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Christmas With An Instant Family

I’ve been busy writing several guest posts for other blogs – one of which has published this morning over at Modern Alternative Mama! I’m sharing what it’s like to get an instant family for Christmas. :o) Here’s a bit of what I shared…

Christmas With An Instant Family #triplets #Christmas #family

Christmas with Three New Babies

Christmas, fresh snow, hot cocoa…do these conjure warm, snuggly feelings? (Well, maybe not the last one if you’re on the GAPS diet!) What about traditions, caroling, and stockings? Yep – me, too! Ok, then how about screaming babies, reflux and poopy diapers? I’m gonna take a wild guess that these do not make you dream of a white Christmas. However, for my husband, David, and I this was our Christmas last year. On October 1, 2011, we gave birth to spontaneous, fraternal girl/boy/girl triplets! We brought them home from the hospital one month later on October 31. And then entered the holidays. With three babies. As first-time parents.

I’ll give you a moment to pause and recall what life was like with your firstborn. Are you picturing it? Good! But… if you’re remembering just the sweet snuggles, the giggles and the cooing, let me also remind you of the 3am hunger calls, the agonizing latch issues, the explosive diapers and the bewildering gas-y screams coming for your new little bundle. Remember all that? Ok, now add in two other newborns with their own personalities and differing needs doing all of the above! Looks like mayhem, right? Well, it pretty much was mayhem.

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If you’re finding our little corner of the world by way of Modern Alternative Mama, welcome! It’s great to “meet” you! =) I’ve listed a few of my favorite/most popular posts below. I’m sure we’ll be great friends by the end of the read!

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