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A New Year – Reflections on the Old many of us are hurriedly writing our New Year’s resolutions and patting ourselves on the back for jumping on that dusty treadmill or saying “no” to that can of soda that calls out to us, my friend Sheree is reflecting on God’s faithfulness through the years. She writes:

What are you feeling about the new year?

I know people who are hoping to become engaged; have a baby; get a better paying job; move to a new home; overcome a longstanding illness; or see a family member become a Christian.

Who will experience the fulfillment of these hopes and who will be disappointed when 2013 ends and there’s no fiance; no baby; the same job; no new home; remaining chronic pain or sickness; and a still unconverted loved one?

Click here to read the rest of the post. Suuuuuuuuuuuper encouraging, right?! I thought I’d reflect on some of His faithfulness to our family this past year alone. The Lord:

  • provided us with finances to pay off our 2009 van in less time than we anticipated (approximately 9 months!!!).
  • helped us survive months of night-waking to feed endless babies endless times.
  • helped me through David’s eight out-of-town trips last year!
  • gave us a very healthy year with relatively few issues with sickness – considering we had three preemies and a steady stream of people in and out of our home, that is such a blessing!
  • guided us through the second most difficult year either of us has ever faced.
  • caused us to fall more in love with one another rather than less, even in the midst of intense pressures, struggles and challenges.
  • heard the desire of my heart to breastfeed my babies…15 months and still going strong!!!
  • kept us safe on two separate out of state trips.
  • drew us closer to Him through times of prayer and, borne out of a growing need for wisdom, increased our dependency upon Him.

These may seem like small and insignificant things…but to me they say a lot about what He was doing in 2012 in the Fountain family. What’s funny? Only a few of these things would have been on my “resolutions” list had I made one last January (too foggy and tired to make one!). Apparently, He still had quite a plan for us…I’m excited about 2013!!! How has He been faithful to your family this year? I’d love to hear – leave a comment!!

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  1. Hello Jennifer and David. Congrats on your wonderful family!!! You certainly have your hands full – of love and joy. LOL

    Who am I and how did I find you? My name is Dee. I married into the Fountain, LaFountain family of Victoria, Ontario Canada and Michigan and I’m doing a family history for my kids. I found you by googling Fountain Family.

    I’m wondering if you know any of your family history and would be willing to share to see if we are related. We have a lot of info on many generations of this family. I suspect it begins in England, with a move to Quebec, Canada and then Ontario. From there, Joseph moved part of his family to Michigan into Sanilac, St. Clair, and Bay counties. However, there are family members all over Michigan (and probably everywhere) now.

    John born in 1811 and Joseph born in 1809 married sisters, Delilah and Elizabeth Godfrey in Victoria County, Ontario. We descend from those two couples.

    Please let me know if you are interested in learning more about these men and their families and to see if we connect along the way.

    Dee Sager
    Neosho, Missouri USA

  2. Loved this. Just reading through your list was moving to see in writing what God has done for you in just one year. His grace in your and David’s lives — the daily, significant sacrifices that love for your children required — should have been included, too. You both incarnated the love of God to the babies this year and will continue to do so, I know!

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