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15 Month Update!!!

Christmas Night <3

Christmas Night <3

Where does the time go?! It seems like the weeks just fly by and before I know it, we’re ticking off months nearing their second birthday! (I know all you grandmas are mentally saying, “Just wait till they’re having babies of their own!”) I have hundreds of pictures on my phone that date back to the pregnancy. I love scrolling through and looking at how far we’ve come in the past 15 months. From 3 lbs 12 oz to my big on-the-charts toddlers…they’ve grown so much. They were so tiny and fragile; now we toss them in the air, wrestle them to the ground and chase them around (or vice versa!!!). They began life eating 5 milliliters (that’s 1/6 of an ounce) every few hours to eating almost as much as I do! They have gone from eating-sleeping-pooping-crying machines to active toddlers that keep me just as busy but in so many, many directions. I’ll show you a little of what I mean…


These days we are much more flexible with our “schedule” than we used to need to be. For all of you rolling your eyes over a schedule, trust me. With three babies (I reserve the right to call them “babies” for another 17 years) it’s necessary to think in terms of time. Here’s what a typical day looks like in our home:

  • 7am – wake, time in the Word
  • 7:30am – get babies (sometimes they’ve been playing quietly waiting for Mama!), change dipes, nurse
  • 8:30am – get breakfast ready, start cloth diaper laundry, pull out clothes for the babies
  • 9am – breakfast for all 4 of us
  • 9:30am – school time!!! =) We usually read for about 30 minutes.
  • 10am – change dipes, get babies dressed
  • 10:30am – naptime! I spend the next hour picking the house up, cleaning the kitchen, checking email, getting dinner started, switching laundry, etc.
  • 11:30am – get babies, change dipes, nurse
  • 12:30pm – get lunch ready
  • 1pm – lunch for the babies
  • 1:30pm – more books! Then changing dipes and…
  • 2pm – naptime! I spend the next hour cleaning up (3 highchairs, 3 bibs, 3 sippies for the second of three times in a day), next steps on dinner, finishing the diaper laundry, starting another load of laundry, clipping coupons, etc.
  • 3pm – lunch time for Mama! During this hour I usually catch up on Facebook, write (for this blog and others), etc.
  • 4pm – get babies, change dipes, nurse
  • 5pm – play with babies: I love this time!
  • 5:30pm – get dinner ready
  • 6pm – dinnertime for babies. Often David will feed and read to them while I get bedtime stuff ready.
  • 6:30pm – play time or bath time
  • 7pm – change dipes, PJs, nurse
  • 8pm – babies are changed, fed, rocked, prayed for, sung to and asleep! We spend the next half hour picking up (cleaning all those high chairs again!) and heating our dinner (since we don’t eat with the babies – we need us time!).
  • 8:30pm – dinnertime for us. We usually talk or watch a show while we eat.
  • 9:30pm – project time!! David will work on finances or something like that. I’ve always got something I’m researching in taking our family to healthier living/eating. Or I’ve got meals to plan, kitchen to clean…etc!
  • 11pm – nurse Noah
  • 11:30pm – get ready for bed
  • 12am – bedtime!!!


If I had a dollar for every time I was asked “so when are you going to stop breastfeeding,” I’d be a millionaire. Ok, maybe not a millionaire, but I’d have a lot of money. Apparently, I’m one of “those weird women” who breastfeeds past the first year (click here for information on the importance of breastfeeding past the first year). I actually wear that title proudly. Makenna, Noah, Emma and I (and David by default!) worked hard the first year to get to a point where we really enjoy it and it’s not something I’m constantly worrying about or feeling exhausted by. I don’t have an end date in mind, though David will be happy when all four of us are done. He’s been ultra-supportive and patient, but I don’t think he realized how close it would keep us to home. Which I don’t mind. I mean, it’s not easy to nurse three babies out (as you can see above it usually takes about an hour to nurse all three). But it’s just a season. Pretty soon they’ll be shaking their heads and not wanting to “eat” and I’ll be feeling a mixture of sadness and relief, I’m sure.

And while I am really enjoying breastfeeding, I am nursing the equivalent of 13 times a day – more than the average newborn mama nurses!!! So I’m working on weaning the babies from the late night (11pm) feeding. They don’t wake up for it anymore. The last few months I’ve kept this feeding just to be sure my supply doesn’t drop. Emma weaned just before they turned one. Makenna weaned the beginning of December and Noah…well, let’s just say it’s been hard for Mama to wean my sleepy-snuggly-smiley boy from that feeding. But it’s coming soon. I am warning him nightly…or is it me I am warning? :sniff:

To keep my supply up, I was on a prescription drug called Domperidone which increases lactation. I spent well over $1,000 in the past year and have finally weaned myself off of it (December 31!) and am thrilled that these babies told my body “what-for” and my body compensated quickly! All in all, we are enjoying it. So now, if you see me you’ll know the answer to that question: no, I don’t know when I’ll be done. =)


The babies love food. They love to eat. Seriously. I have no idea how we’ll afford three teenagers at this rate, but I’ve seen the Lord provide and I’m trusting He will then, too! Breakfast usually consists of three eggs and half a small butternut squash. {I haven’t given them grains (oats, wheat, etc) since babies don’t have the ability to digest them correctly until the age of two.} Lunch might be half an avocado, half a bag of peas and ¼ of a cantaloupe. Dinner could be a chicken breast, two cups of black beans and quinoa and a banana. Oh, and did I mention they nurse 4-5 times a day, too??? Seeeeeeeeeeeriously!

Makenna is working on her first canine tooth, having gotten all four of her 1 year molars before her first birthday! She’s way ahead of the game here! She’s our biggest “mimic” and copies us and will perform all day long. After only a few weeks of working with her, she can sign for more, milk, cracker, dog, fish, shhhh, eat, baby, mama/dada, alligator, potty and owie!!!!! Her auditory vocabulary includes dada, hi, uh-oh and yummmm. If you ask her how old she is she holds up one finger. During December she could also point to the Christmas tree from any room in our house!

She is close to walking but is our most cautious one with the gross motor skills. She greatly dislikes falling. =) It seems that the walking milestone can happen over one of the widest spans of time. Technically she’s even only 13 months (adjusted), so she has pa-lenty of time to learn. Mama is quite ok with this.

She loves giving kisses and burping her new Baby. Her sparkly eyes and massive smiles make my heart flip-flop.

Noah has gotten all four of his 1 year molars in, as well. He is my whiniest baby and my most attached. In other words, he’s a boy. =)  These days he falls apart if I don’t get him in his crib soon enough for naptime. As I’m walking him back to the nursery, he lays his head on my shoulder and it’s all I can do to not run the other direction with him for some good long snuggles. :sigh: Aside from being the whiny-bub, he’s showing his stubbornness and gives us a run for our money with obedience. He can sign more, milk, dog, fish, mama/dada, eat….but only if he wants to do so. He talks all the time to the girls (melt me), and says dada, and recently, bye-bye. He could also show you where the Christmas tree was. He’s incredibly nosy and often is interrupted from nursing to see what the girls are doing or what the noise was outside.

Again, his stubbornness comes into play with walking. He is impatient with learning and would much rather crawl than attempt to walk. He gets around soooo fast, he may just crawl till he is 20. Just kidding. He goes up and down the steps in our house and loves exploring.

At any given moment, you can find him with some toy in his mouth – a wooden block or a car, etc. He loves to read. I mean, loves it. He throws a mini tantrum if I read a book he doesn’t like. Of course I ignore him and continue reading. =) He also knows just when to whip those smiles out. Recently I discovered, though, I’m not the only woman in his life. Rachel, the Mom on Baby Signing Time, is his new heart-throb. He just can’t get enough of her, barely distractible to nurse! :sniff:

Emma has the fewest teeth. I haven’t checked lately, but she only had her eight front teeth – no molars, no canines! She’s also been one of the easiest teethers so far. (I am grateful to have some reprieve!) She is also adding to her signing vocabulary almost daily and can sign more, milk, cracker, dog, fish, eat, mama/dada, alligator. She says dog and dada. Not to be outdone by the other two, she would also show you where the Christmas tree was – from anywhere in the house. Love that cute little pointer finger!

Emma is our little walker! She is incredibly proud of herself and walks all over the place now! If no one happens to be watching her, she’ll start laughing really loudly until she gets our attention…and then continue her walking. =) It’s incredibly emotional, this walking milestone. My once tiny baby is now walking around and becoming so independent. I just wanna grab her up and convince her walking isn’t all it’s cracked up to be – that being a baby is waywayway better. I know it’s the first of many situations I’ll feel this way about, but that realization certainly doesn’t make this situation any easier. It’s so odd – how can I be so proud of her for “growing up” and yet so saddened that my baby is growing up???

Emma loves to snuggle and be tickled and chased. We could do all of those things all day and she would be thrilled. She looks back at me and just begs me with her beautiful baby blues to chase her and end with a tickle and giggle. =)

I love my babies. Love, love, love them. I am every day exhausted and aching. However, I was exhausted and aching before I had them: I traded my aching feet in heels for my aching back from holding three toddlers and my exhaustion comes not from long conferences but the massive amounts of multi-tasking I must now do each day. But that’s ok. This life is such a fleeting, momentary one. When I’m tempted to be cranky over my exhaustion and weariness, I am gently reminded by the Holy Spirit that I will spend eternity alternately resting at His feet and dancing before Him. And that is some good motivation. =)

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  1. Jennifer…you amaze me. That made me tired just reading it. I can’t wait to get down there and see you guys in action. Love you!!!

  2. My 16 month old still nurses that frequently too! 😀

    • That’s awesome!!! :o) I love those snuggly times as they’re becoming SOOOO active!!!

      • Yes, it’s the one area he still seems like a baby (in the best way, of course). I’ve told him he must stay small but he’s not listening!! 😉 I think it is beyond amazing that you’ve b/f’ed triplets! You ROCK!

        • He’s adorable!! And yes mine don’t listen, either. 🙂 Thank you – it’s been a long journey (one I’m still writing down!) but I’ve learned sooooo much about trusting God and my temptations…

          • Thank you <3 Yes, the Lord is faithful when we give Him our all!! After multiple miscarriages, we were blessed with him. We are cherishing these little years with Samuel. Our older children (12 and 9) are SUCH loving siblings to him and it is beautiful to see them dote on him. 😉

          • That’s amazing! What an answer to prayer! =)

  3. Just one word : A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! I’m in awe. I breastfed my kids past the one year mark, but I can’t imagine handling 3!

  4. That is a busy feeding schedule! I love the sweet family photo by the Christmas tree. I am so glad you linked up to Multiples Monday and I hope you will be a regular so that everyone can follow your family’s journey. Have a wonderful week.


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