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What’s in a Sign? Using Sign Language to Teach Baby

logoI have to admit that I am impressed. Baby Signing Times is really phenomenal. It’s adorable and easy on the ears. It’s catchy (David finds himself singing about Alex and Leah’s Farm at the office…oops!!!). And it works. The babies have watched one of the DVDs we purchased approximately once a day, sometimes only every other day!, and can now use about a dozen different signs (see which ones they use here)! And it’s only been a few weeks since I got everything in the mail! I also purchased a board book and flash cards that go along with the DVD and we read the book and go through the cards at least once a day. They are captivated by it all! It’s so helpful to finally know when someone is hungry, has an owie, etc. And they are soooo proud of themselves when they realize they recognize and can do one of the signs!

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  1. I have loved signing with Samuel since he was a few weeks old! It’s been really fun to see him communicate in this way. 😀 We also signed with our older son. Here are some more ideas if you’re interested:

  2. I tried a few signs with Mia before she started talking but we never got very far with it. Maybe it’s the fact that none of ours are very coordinated! Our little boogers proved that they didn’t really need to learn it though since by 18 months all 3 had a good 50-150 words or phrases that they said (and Layna at 11 months has a pretty good vocab too- although baby talk only mom can understand version!). Now I just wish they would stop talking just a bit! 🙂

    • Haha! Yes, I’m sure you do! 🙂 To clarify for other readers, though, I didn’t implement sign language solely to teach the babies to speak. I want them to learn many languages. We’ve been reading to them from birth in Spanish, ASL and English and will soon begin Mandarin. 🙂 My goal for them is to be able to communicate the basics in all of them and be fluent in a couple of them by hs graduation. With our plans to adopt from China, Mandarin will be helpful. With living in Florida, Spanish will be necessary (don’t get me started :D). Etc. 🙂

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