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Potty Training!!! know I’m a ways away from this season, but it never hurts to be prepared, right??? My poor hubby is very eager to move beyond the diaper changing stage – probably because he changes between 6 and 15 diapers a day!!! But I keep trying to explain to him what that season will look like. I remember when my youngest brothers were being potty-trained (sorry, Daniel and Caleb =). And babysitting young children who were potty-training. But potty training THREE??? Ohhhhh my. My Facebook groups for MoMs of triplets and other HOMs are often cheering each other on as various MoMs announce their plans to spend the upcoming weekend potty-training. So I know it’s going to be a daunting task to potty-train three toddlers at once.

We cloth diaper and often cloth diapered babies are ready for potty-training earlier so I am anticipating sometime around their second birthday I need to have a plan. So what resources do (did) you use? Books? Websites? If you cloth diaper, which training pants worked for your little one(s)?

My Facebook quad-MoM friend writes here about potty-training her four…so three should be a breeze, right? =)

Oh, and if you have three minutes, check out this hilarious explanation of how to take a toddler to a public restroom. Oh my!! Public Toilets Vs. Girls and Boys

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  1. Oh my soul!!!!! Laughing. Out. Loud!!!!!! I remember those days…vividly. They were horrible. 😀 Thank God for cute little B&BW antibacterial soaps. You need to keep 5 or 6 with you at all times once potty-training begins. It is a season though, and this, too, shall pass. (Pun intended)

  2. Samuel started showing signs of readiness right around his FIRST BIRTHDAY O_O so I began thinking about doing it, but I ultimately decided that I have far too much going on right now already (we homeschool) and p/t’ing takes a lot of time and patience!! My daughter was trained at 2.5 and my son was more like 3.5. I was relaxed and let them do it when they were ready. I used disposables with both of them. I am using cloth with Samuel so I don’t know how that will affect the process. xx

  3. I’m in the midst of potty training my lil 21 month old now and a few thoughts (though I am NO expert by ANY means…)

    ~ No matter what method you choose you will need one thing more than anything else, more than cleaning supplies, more than sweets/rewards, more than cute sticker charts….PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PRAYER, PRAYER, PRAYER…

    ~ I would suggest reading/hearing success stories (like the quads you put) and complete disasters. It’s helpful to hear the struggles and how they worked THROUGH those challenges instead of just the success stories.

    ~ Looking back, I might not start baby #2 so early in potty training. I found that MJ had a hard time the first few days really understanding wet/dry and how to hold it/control her muscles. After a week she’s really catching on, but I talked to friends who started at 30 months and it seemed to go much better in that area (only took 2-3 days and they were accident free…we’re still not there at day 7, but we are progressing!).

    ~ Wouldn’t suggest making them sit on the potty for LONG periods of time. If they have to go, they will after singing a song or two or reading a book or two. If you make them sit for long they will resent the potty thinking it takes too long and won’t want to sit on it while they’re in the middle of playing.

    ~ No pull-ups! I think learning how to hold it and the consequence of NOT holding it is really important. If you give them pull ups or even training pants it won’t bother to them as much if they wet themselves and they won’t try to hold it as much or get to the potty in time.

    ~ Practice pulling their pants/undies UP and DOWN (make a game/song/dance out of it)…getting them to be able to pull their panties up and down is a huge help to you and makes them feel even more independent. It’s also helpful to buy their undies a size larger so it’s easier for them to pull up/down (and you can start doing this WAY before even potty training)

    Sorry, this got way bigger than I thought it would…I guess since I’m in the thick of it just thought I’d share. We tried the “Potty Training in a Day” technique and while I so appreciated lots of their ideas in the end we had to custom make the training to what worked for MJ. David encouraged me not to just go by the book but also by mommy intuition (which was a huge help!).

    Let us know whenever you do decide to begin because believe me, my prayers WILL be with you! Potty Training was/is one of THE most difficult things I have ever done in my life…and the most rewarding too…

  4. Elizabeth says

    We have recently potty trained our three boys and used the 3 day potty training method. It is mentally (and physically) exhausting but extremely rewarding. I was nervous about doing all three, but I think the boys watching and cheering each other on really helped. Since they are not in any kind of preschool or daycare, they really didn’t have other children to watch (other than their older sister) so being excited for each other was a big help. We did the 3 day potty training method and I would have to say it was about a week before I really felt comfortable saying they were “potty trained”. We used cloth diapers with my boys and while they say they potty train earlier than babies with disposables, at a little over 2.5 years old, that really wasn’t true for my trio. However, I do think that having them in cloth diapers made potty training easier. That being said, of course, every child is different. My boys would have shown no interest in potty training on their own, so doing the 3 day method (cold turkey taking away all diapers) really worked with them. My older daughter was about the same age when she was potty trained (a little over 2.5 years) and it was totally her decision. One day she took off her diaper and said she was done with them and that was that. i have no idea if it’s a boy vs. girl thing or just a personality trait (ex. once she puts her mind to something, she does it well…but it has to be her idea).
    Some helpful tips: when you child can pull his/her pants up and down is really helpful, taking them to store to pick out their new big kid underwear. This helped all mine get excited about the new adventure. A huge dose of patience and positivity! We also skipped pull ups (basically that’s just a different kind of diaper) and training pants and went straight to underwear. The first week we went pants-less and the 2nd week we were able to wear a whole outfit. 🙂
    Good luck!

    • Elizabeth, HURRAY for potty-training three at once! :o) Here’s a high-five, mama! :o) I am wondering about training my girls first and then my son since I feel like they will be ready way before he is. I actually think I could do it with the girls soon but I am verrrry hesitant to lose the cribs! Any suggestions? 😛


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