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.Life is Sacred.

unborn_babyToday is “Sanctity of Life” day. It’s actually pretty sad we have to designate a day out of the year to remind one another that life is sacred. Why isn’t that just a given? Why would that ever be something we forget? But sadly, we do. And we go so far as to not simply forget life is sacred, we blaze right into straight-up murder. And murder of the tiniest human beings. Those helpless, precious, still forming, hearts beating, fingerprints shaping, unborn babies.

Forty years ago, abortion became legal. It became legal to kill your unborn baby. If you are 40 or younger, you could have been legally aborted – your life snuffed out painfully and grotesquely. But since you’re reading this, you clearly were not. Your mother chose to give you life. Maybe take a moment today and thank her for this – for not giving in to pressures from culture, lies of the enemy, etc. She chose life. It’s something we take for granted but not every baby conceived these days is given this innate right. Since it became legal, abortion has taken the lives of 55,000,000 babies. About one-third of our country’s population has been killed off through abortion. It’s horrific.

Why Abortion is Disturbing

Many are disturbed by the use of words like “murder” and “kill” in reference to what so many, including our newly sworn-in President, call a woman’s choice. I am glad it disturbs us. It should. Science has proven over and over again that life begins at conception. The lie that “it’s just a blob of cells” should hold no weight anymore…and yet, it does. It’s fed to countless women all day long, day after day in “clinics” as they are contemplating abortion or seeking justification for what they are about to do. The reality is, that “blob” is a life. If given the chance, that baby will be born and learn to laugh, walk, talk, read and write. That baby could be your child or your child’s friend. It could be your child’s future spouse or the next President of our country. But we will never know. That baby was just sucked from his mother’s womb, right after his little arms and legs were ripped off. That baby and another were just killed. In the next minute, two more babies in our country will be killed. Two babies are killed every minute of every hour of every day of every month…all year long. This adds up to the sickening 1.21 million sweet babies who were killed through abortions in 2008.

Way too many babies are being killed through what is deceptively called “selective reductions.” Many multiples pregnancies are reduced down to the more “manageable” number of children determined by both parents and doctor. I’ve shared what this is here: Too Much To Carry?

Do you live in Florida? Florida is the state with the second highest number of abortions annually – 81,918 in 2009. No matter where you live, if this makes you sick, what are you going to do about it? Will you visit a local clinic to pray for the moms? Will you donate money to help end abortion? Will you rally your local church to get involved with a crisis pregnancy center? Will you post pleas on Facebook? Your blog? Let’s move, church! Let’s not let the numbers grow any higher without our efforts to stop them.


  1. Powerful, Jennifer! Awesome call to action! Praying God will use this post to stir people up to get involved in this battle for the babies. <3 I love your heart for the unborn. I love you!

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