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Freak of Nature?

This…is just so true. It really is.

I am asked nearly every.single.question every single time we go out. It’s exhausting and I know people are just excited to see something they may never have seen before. It just makes it uber tough to go out and get anything done. Recently in Panera, a lady called very loudly back to her table of ladies, “Didja see these?” :sigh: But, today I’m choosing to laugh. =) I do love seeing the double-takes people give us. And I love catching people in the act of staring – when we walk past, sometimes I’ll just turn around quickly and find them staring. Haha! “Don’t trip!”

MoMs, what other lines have you gotten while out and about? Give me your faves!

***Update: If you would like to know what is helpful to say to Moms of Multiples (MoMs), check out my short list here: The Top 5 Things to Say to Moms of Multiples! ***


  1. I LOVE this video, watched it awhile back! Haha!!! And although I never had triplets(people use to ask if they were and we were like see you stupid??!! He’s an toddler and the one girl is almost 4! Duh! No. LOL!), I still get stopped when we go out and actually thought of you when a guy in target last week said something like “this is the easy stage” I chuckled and said “don’t tell me that, that’s not encouraging!!!!” – hahaha!

  2. PS I’d be and unashamedly am one of “those” people! I love hearing about other people’s lives and stories as much as I love people caring and asking about mine! If you hadn’t blogged every step if the way with the triplets if probably have asked and have asked every single one of the things from the movie to you. Luckily for me you have smiled and kindly responded to my inquisitions an probably pestering! ^_^

    • Heather, we aren’t often annoyed by the individuals…just the collective masses. While it’s a novelty to you, it is also a novelty to the 12 previous people who walked up to us and the 12 people after you that will soon walk up to us (no joke on the numbers, by the way :). It’s just so overwhelming at times. It totally makes our day to hear the things you would probably say. πŸ™‚ It’s the hurtful and “I’d kill myself” and “I’m glad it’s not me” and etc that is so challenging. I never knew the full effect of how words can hurt until I went out with my babies. :o(

  3. Do they have the same Daddy? SERIOUSLY!?!?!?

    • I had to explain that to my 7yr old this week when she asked where Jenn’s triplets Daddy’s work!!! Hehehe!

      • Hehehehe πŸ™‚ Well your kiddos handle waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more info/world view than sooooo many kids. I love it. LOVE IT. We haven’t talked about how/when we’ll tell them about daddy’s work but I look forward to instilling in them an awareness of how broken sin makes us and how AWESOME God is at restoring us to Him. <3

    • And how does he answer that one? :o)

      • With honesty and grace from God! My kids have asked a lot of real “hard” questions and I remember the first time I was driving when they did and I figured well they can’t see my facial expressions of laughter or confusion on how to answer and they’ll probably never remember this convo bc of their age so I’ll just go with it, answering in simple terms but honestly and with accurate terminology. Then when their older I would’ve already had practice and maybe it’ll be less awkward! I’m all about straight forward truth. My kids catch on too much and ponder the answers that eventually they’d be really confused if I tried to lie, make up fake names for things and/or blew them off. Better to just get it out in the open, per their lead and inquisition of course!

  4. Yep. I choose to laugh about it too. And be proud that I have such beautiful children to show off. And that I appear sane!

  5. We have had every question and comment too. Luckily, 98% or more is positive. Babies and young children seem to bring out the best in most people. But, as you mentioned going out is more complicated as you are no longer anonymous which makes every outing take a little longer. : 0 )

  6. LOL! I loved this video! I’m still laughing! Thanks for sharing it! πŸ™‚

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