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The Great Shot Debate

The Great Shot Debate #vaccine #injury #mommywarTo vaccinate or not to vaccinate? That is, indeed, the question. These days, there is always some “mommy war” somewhere online with people debating the usefulness, necessity, safety and purpose of modern vaccinations. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, you’re probably very quick to defend your family’s decision on this matter. And understandably so! Who wants to be accused of doing something harmful or foolish for their child(ren)??? Both sides have some really good points and both sides have some serious risks involved. But…isn’t that what parenting is all about? Making decisions based on the information you have available to you and hoping and praying those are the right decisions for your family. I think so, anyways.

The Great Shot Debate

In many groups I’m a part of on Facebook and blogs I read, these “wars” become so wearisome. The fighting and debating can get ugly and heated. And that is not what I’m looking for here. I simply hope to provide information for people who have questions so that they can make the best decisions for their families. My husband and I have decided that we will not give our children vaccinations because, with the information I’ve read and research I’ve done, the risks of vaccinations far outweigh the risks of not vaccinating. Our call is to first and foremost provide for and protect our family. We live in a fallen world where sin and death occur. This means that sickness and aging are also a natural part of our lives. Now, of course I am not saying sickness is a good thing, but that for every disease they produce a vaccine for, another one will crop up. No amount of vaccinations will make me live forever. And while I have no desire to outlive my children, few of the diseases we vaccinate for have high death rates. We choose to do other things to keep our family healthy…

For the entire first year of our babies’ lives, they have been adjusted every two weeks. My husband and I have been adjusted for 3-4 years. Since the purpose of this post is not to advocate chiropractic, I will simply say that the need for chiropractic is real. Why? Because all day long, every day!, our spinal columns are constantly being pulled and shifted out of alignment. This causes pinched nerves which results in sicknesses that manifest in symptoms. Getting adjusted corrects the subluxations (try that one on for size!) and allows our bodies to function properly. This in turn builds our immune systems and helps us fight off disease and sickness.

I am also working to reduce the number of toxins we allow into our bodies and put on our bodies. This is a really fancy way of saying that we’re eating healthy. =) Or trying to! It’s a slow process, but I am getting rid of processed foods and the harmful ingredients found in nearly everything in our grocery stores. (Don’t believe it? I didn’t, either. After watching this film, you will: Genetic Roulette – are you playing?) We also are still breastfeeding.

So really, all of this is an alternative to vaccinations. It’s one the government can’t mandate or control, but it doesn’t mean it’s any less safe. After reviewing lots of research it seems that these are the best ways for my family to function. And, ultimately, my hope is not in vaccinations, chiropractic, organic foods or reducing toxicity. My hope is in Jesus Christ Who is leading my husband and me and giving us wisdom as we ask for it. As I have mentioned, we will get sick, age and die. It is inevitable. But for those of us who are in Him, it doesn’t start there. In fact, it’s only the beginning.

How did you come to the decision you did for your family? What research (websites, books, etc) helped you most? Please share! (Be respectful! =)


  1. You’ve done a wonderful job at expressing your choices without starting a hate war! I’m impressed and pray it is universally received with calmness and peaceful dialogue!

    • Thanks! 🙂

    • What do you guys do? How did you come to the conclusions you did?

      • We don’t do any vaccines. I grew up that you didn’t take medicine unless you really needed it (i was vaccinated but at the time it was faaaar fewer and longer inbetween). To me unless it’s life saving (ie I’m convulsing, seizuring, unconscious or unresponsive, etc and need “x, y, z” to live in that exact moment or need the said medicine to survive longterm) then I don’t need it in my body. The side affects, known affects short term and the unknown long term affects are not IMO necessary or worth the risk. I always said I could live with my child getting a disease and having the best opportunity to fight it off from a non vaccinated drug filled state then knowingly injecting my perfectly healthy and thriving child with something that would alter the natural chemical balance and/or cause life long side affects or even death. It was a simple choice for us and except for the occasional times of having to defend my self in the beginning I’ve never second guessed our choice. I think medicine is wonderful and has a wonderful place when it is used with care, moderation and to HELP someone when natural options are not attiquite for the necessary things unfolding. My children have never experienced anything major that they have not healed from quickly and without mild or no medical intervention. I don’t know for sure if this is because of the genetic make up of having relatively healthy ancestors etc or because of the diet we allowed them to eat early on or because of not vaxing them. But I think there’s a lot to say about vaxed kids compared to non vaxed kids and amount of sickness’, length and amount of medical intervention needed. The scietific evidence is all around us that MANY things we unnaturally expose our bodies to either externally or internally DO have adverse affects on us.

  2. Since we plan on taking the kids on mission trips and outreach, we have decided to vax. We select/delay and never do more than 1 at a time.

  3. Jennifer, you have done a wonderful job of stating your position and the reasoning behind it. This is a great example of a non-hostile discussion. I am glad that I am out of that season of life as it seems much more complicated with each generation. I did vacinate and I think I still would. I remember having measles and mumps as a kid. It was a scary, awful time, much different than other sicknesses that I had. I am happy these diseases are not as prevalent any more and hope they stay that way. Your blog is great, by the way.

    • Thank you, Bonnie! :o) I enjoy reading yours, too! I think part of the complication comes from so much more information being readily available. Also, when you and my mom were vaccinating us kiddos, there were about half the vaccines recommended than there are today. They were spaced out, too, more than is recommended today. They want us to give our daughters vaccinations for STDs! What?! :o/

  4. You have articulated this very well. I get so tired of the war as well, I had a very outspoken mother who is a chiropractors wife in my mothers group who always made me feel condemned, but from the info she gave that I read and from the statistics I read and by talking with my gp and listening to the info he gave and from the death of an uncle and the sight impairment of my own brother we decided to keep vaccinating. It’s such a tricky thing to defend when cloth sides are so adamant though.

  5. Hi! You did a lovely job of saying what you felt without being judgmental. My son was vaccinated (which I now regret) through 15mo, at which time I finally had the guts to stand-up to my pro-vaccine pediatrician. We now use a homeopathic alternative and I encourage you and your readers to please check out my experience here:
    We are so pleased to have found this method!!

  6. My son goes to a daycare, so we have to vaccinate him on the normal schedule. But I would have vaccinated him even if I had the option to be a stay-at-home Mom. Based on the advice of our pediatrician and of several friends who are doctors and based on my own reading, I believe it is the safest thing for my child. And I don’t want to bring negativity to this discussion, since you have done a good job starting a civil dialogue, but the main reason that “few of the diseases we vaccinate for have high death rates” is because vaccinations have eradicated or mostly eradicated those diseases in the U.S. I hope that they don’t start to come back. There have already been deadly outbreaks in corners of the country where refusing vaccinations is common (California, Washington state) and of course in other countries.

  7. I started by checking “A Shot in the Dark” out of our local library, upon one of my aunts suggestion. I think I was 20 at the time. I did a little more research from there, mostly online. I came to the conclusion that there are a few ingredients in vaccines that I will never feel comfortable injecting into my children. My 3 have had no shots at all. Also, in over three years, we have not had as much as an ear infection, or a single sick visit to the doctor 🙂 @Tessa, it is a common misconception that non-vaccinated children cannot attend day care or public school. There are between 1-3 different exemptions you can obtain, depending on which state you live in. Mine are registered to attend public UPK this September in NY, with a religious exemption on file. 🙂

  8. you rock.!!! that chiro must be awesome!!! LOL

  9. Part of the confusion for me with the the Vaccine Debate is the amount of conflicting information out there. For instance, after looking at Brenna’s statistics, I did some further looking, since these statistics really did not seem to match up to the majority of info I have seen on the topic. Just briefly, if you look at this page, you will see there are marked disparities, even though they admit that numbers of childhood diseases are in decline.

    • There are definitely conflicting reports. It is hard to make a decision about what to do. Part of my struggle with the article you linked to is this: In 1952, polio paralyzed more than 21,000 people.2 In 2002, there were no cases of polio in the United States.

      If there were no cases of polio for the past 10 years, why give it to my child now? We aren’t traveling right now to third-world countries or where polio may be prevalent. Another one would be this: In the early 1940s, there was an average of 175,000 cases of pertussis (whooping cough) per year, resulting in the deaths of 8,000 children annually. In 2002, 9,771 cases were reported.

      We now know that vitamin C is largely effective in healing children with whooping cough. And while those numbers have decreased, I would argue that it isn’t proof that it is because of the vaccines (alone) as much as it is our knowledge gained in how to care for sick children and recognize symptoms, as well as just massive growth in hygiene and sanitation (part of why polio was so prevalent in the 50s and in so many third-world countries). Many of the cases of pertussis listed above were most likely from children who had already been vaccinated for pertussis! A quick google search showed one area of the US with a severe case of pertussis last year… “there were 178 confirmed cases of pertussis in Vermont children between the ages of six months and 18 years. Of that number, 90 percent — or 160 kids — had received at least one dose of the child vaccination, while the majority had received five or six doses.” That is HUGE! If they are vaccinated, why are they getting it?? :o/

  10. I thought we wouldn’t immunize any of our potential future kids (we don’t have any yet) for basically the same reasons as yours. Then we couldn’t have kids, are working on an international adoption, and HAD to agree via a signed and notarized document that we would give our child certain vaccines. We won’t lie. So, we will simply not re-do the vaccines that our little one has already had overseas (despite dr’s recommendation), skip the ones that he is too old for (specifically rotavirus), and space them out as much as we can.

    • Oh my! This is tough! I am so sorry for your struggle to have children 🙁 and so respect your pursuit of international adoption (we hope to adopt, too!). I think your solution is an incredibly wise one!! I know there are many detoxes available for situations like this. Plus, with a good diet and chiropractic care (do you guys have a good chiropractor? :o), I bet you have nothing to worry about!


      • Thanks so much 🙂 I am not worrying too much at this point, but I’m certain that will come later! We will definitely look into chiropractic care and other immune-boosting and detox strategies. And I will continue to pray fervently, as I have been doing. Thank you for you kind words. You are very encouraging 🙂


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