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The Odd One Out

Bald...but cute!

Bald…but cute!

Or should I say odd ones out? Yes, it’s true. My babies, at 16 months old, are bald as cueballs. Well, Emma has quite a bit of hair, Noah has a wispy mullet and Makenna has a faux-hawk. But, really? They’re bald. I had waywayway more hair by this age and I just assumed they’d be driving me crazy with hair in their eyes and running their fingers through it at dinner time. Nope. Not an issue. In fact, a quick wipe with a washcloth cleans their hair right up! I’ve been coaxing the girls to grow hair by showing them all their pretty bows, promising to learn how to do some fun braids…to no avail. :sigh: Maybe one day soon. In the meantime, maybe I’ll try this product to help them:

Orrrrrrrr not. =)

If you haven’t seen The Great Shot Debate from earlier this week, be sure to check it (and the comments section!) out! I’ll be following up next week…See ya Monday! Have a great weekend!


  1. My boys had hair and my girl didnt. Then she had hair only on the back and sides but not on top. She was trying to start a trend. It didn’t work….

  2. What a beautiful picture!! They are gorgeous!!

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