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The Name Game

growinguptripletsYep. It was time. We needed a fresh new name for our blog and after much deliberation (and pestering my poor husband with suggestions, making him vote, etc), we landed on: Growing Up Triplets. While our babies aren’t the only thing I write about, they are one of my life’s highest priorities – following closely behind my relationship with my Lord and Saviour and marriage to my best friend and hubby, David.

My goal with this open journal of our lives is to be just that: open. If you stumble upon this blog, I want you to feel as if we’re sitting with coffee and chatting. I want you to hear my struggles, joys, victories and disappointments. I want to share with you new things I’ve learned and things about which I am passionate. And I want to paint pictures of what it’s like to be blessed with raising triplets. Because it is a blessing. A crazy, wonderful, exhausting and joy-filled blessing. And I’m so glad you’re here. Thanks for chatting! =)

Stay tuned for a follow-up to last week’s (overwhelmingly viewed, shared and liked!!!) The Great Shot Debate.


  1. I like it!

  2. I like your new name. It is fun and lets you know what the blog is about. : 0 ).

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