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The Booby Trap

pg-4-breastfeeding-alamyIt’s no secret that I’m a fan of breastfeeding…and now I’m a fan of extended breastfeeding. =) It is probably my most favorite-est accomplishment in all my life – to teach three babies how to breastfeed and be doing so still at 17 months!

You may remember my post on Covenant Eyes’ blog last year: P*rn. Well, Luke (CE’s blog manager) and his wife Trisha are the authors over at Intoxicated On Life and are currently in the middle of a series on breastfeeding. I’m sosososo excited about it because this information is so needed! Through a variety of contributing authors, they are addressing a massive amount of topics and information each week – from latch issues to myths to discouragement to supply challenges … you name it, it’s being discussed! You can check out the series here: Navigating the Booby Trap, Breastfeeding and Beyond. They’ve also asked me to share my perspective as a breastfeeding mom of triplets! I’ve been so excited to share my story but haven’t gotten around to it, so this is going to be super fun for me! =)

Please check it out, share it, pin it and give your thoughts and experience, too!!!

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  1. I wish I could have taught my babies how to latch properly. Breastfeeding was not fun for any of the 4 of us :/ I gave up putting them to the breast around 2 months, but continued to pump for 8 more months. I still consider it a huge accomplishment that I was able to provide so much milk for my 3 babies, I just wish we were able to enjoy the bonding part that should go along with it.

    • Bridget, it was not fun for me, either. I threw pillows, nearly threw babies, banged my head on the shower wall and cried and got so many rounds of mastitis. :'( The ONLY reason I am bfing still is because of my amazing lc who made herself available 24/7. I troubleshot with her….several times a week for MONTHS. It was amazing.

      That being said, I can’t believe you pumped for so long! That is INCREDIBLE!!!!!! Wow! Good for you, mama! 🙂

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