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Say “Cheese!”, part 2

I have been waiting for this day. I had a vision for the first year’s pictures of the babies and we worked really hard to get through the first year to tell a “story.” Right after the babies turned one I posted the first part of the results of a year’s worth of photography shoots. You can view them here: Say “Cheese!”. But what I didn’t tell you was that there were more. Oh, so much more! =)

Soon after the babies came home, I purchased some ballerina tutus from The HairBow Company (if you have girls you have to check them out – their prices are stellar!!!). I wanted to do a “grow with me” theme. So here are my favorites from each of their monthly shoots. (Photog credits are the same as those listed in the October post – Say “Cheese!”.) Click on each picture to zoom in so you can see the details.

And the final project looks like this:


Yay! I am sosososo excited! Thanks to my love for all his hard work editing each pic to fit in all these frames and for finagling the frame to hang the way I wanted it to hang. A looooong, hard year of flurries of costume changes, crying babies, sweating mama and dada, bug bites, squirming babies and getting peed on was all well worth it to see this final product. :happy, happy sigh:

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  1. Wow! The pictures of your babies are wonderful. They are so beautiful. I love the arrangement you did for their first year! You are very talented.

  2. They are so precious!

  3. So cute! I have that exact frame, but I need to work out how to fill it! We have twelve month growth photos as well. (So wish I’d known about it for the first two). They are finished now, but I really need to go fetch them from dropbox, but I lost my account. Need to find it and remember passwords and things. Ho Hum. I’ll share when I do for sure! In the meantime, I’m sharing twelve month photos over at my blog today also! Anyway, love the tutus. Just a tad adorable!


  1. […] I did for their first year. If you haven’t seen those pics yet, you can check them out here: Say “Cheese!”, part 2. Oh, and their first birthday shoot is full of tutus and lace, as well: A Frog Prince and Two […]

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