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We’re Gonna Miss This…

Babies at the table

My little daycare. =)

Or that’s what they keep telling me! It’s so easy to get caught up in my task list and the things I need to do each day – the grocery list, the emails, the appointments needing to be made, the budget tracking, the cleaning, the food-prep, the laundry, the deal-finding, the research, the-the-the… It never, ever ends. But today will. And we all know our children will never remember whether the floors are sticky or clean, but they will remember the time we spent with them and the love we gave them. And before we know it, they will be grown and gone. Oh, those days seem so far away but I know they will be here before I truly want them to be.

So today we might just stay in p.j.’s again and my floors might still be sticky and the grocery list will wait till after bedtime and my roots can show for another week and I can miss those deals…to get on the floor and snuggle my babies. To play with them. To read with them during meal times and before naptimes. To enjoy them. To tickle them during the 18th diaper change. To love on them. To train them. To notice them.

I don’t want to miss the little moments. You know the ones: those tiny sections of time that matter to no one else but you as the “mama.” The moments like:

  • when tickling Emma, she started screeching and laughing. Noah started making the same noise and pretended to get away from me, hoping I’d come after him.
  • when Makenna shared with Noah and he shared right back.
  • when Emma chose to obey rather than to disobey.
  • when Noah snuggles his head deep into my shoulders just because.
  • when Makenna leans over to kiss me just because she can…and then leans over for another…and another.
  • when Emma plays our little nursing game and laughs hysterically as if it’s the first time we’ve ever played.
  • when two of my three children are snuggling on my lap in the rocking chair before bedtime, after nursing, and we are singing “Holy God.”

Those moments. Those are the ones I don’t want to miss. Which ones will you notice today?

Makenna chillaxin' in the car with a book - girl after my own heart!

Makenna chillaxin’ in the car with a book – girl after my own heart!

When you're a multiple, you rarely get to eat your own food...

When you’re a multiple, you rarely get to eat your own food…

Silly, sweet, sweet girl!

Silly, sweet, sweet girl!

My babies, my loves. <3 <3 <3


  1. There sure is a lot to miss, Jennifer. This is a sweet tribute to the simple, wonderful moments of motherhood. Love it.

  2. So much to do, but those same things will be there tomorrow…our little ones won’t. Loved this post! <3

  3. Love the way you love them. <3 <3 <3

  4. AS ALWAYS I am moved to tears when I read your posts. I missed more little moments with my children than I care to remember. Have often felt like a failure as a mother. BUT God is bigger and greater than ALL my selfish moments. I will go hug the ones that are home right now . . the 17 year old that just got home from training at his new job at Chick fil a and the almost 25 yr old that recently graduated from college and will be moving out on his own, soon. Thanks for sharing Jennifer!!! God bless you!

    • Oh, thank YOU! I am so grateful we are just vessels He uses – that His plan isn’t dependent upon our “getting it.” I am sure I will look back and wish I’d done things differently, too, but we do the best we can in the moment and trust Him to accomplish His purposes. :o/

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