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For Such a Time As This…

On March 6, my friends, Aaron and Crystal, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl: Esther Grace Law. I have been deeply affected by the brief time this sweet baby spent on this earth. I know many have been, as well; we all look forward to meeting her One Day. This post is in honor of her life.

Tiny hands, tiny feet
Have left an impression so large.
With us a moment, the moment is gone,
Now in the Father’s arms for eternity.
Aching dreams and throbbing thoughts,
Are left unfulfilled.

But there is One Who planned them out,
Your days before you were born.
There was a purpose, a plan,
For each of your days on this earth.
Not one of them was happenstance –
All were ordered by Him.

Your life is a beautiful melody;
Our love, the flowing harmony
That points us up,
Our gaze towards Him, the Perfect Sacrifice.
In our grief, His grace reminds,
“I love her more than life.”

So now we hold a memory
In hearts that yearn for One Day,
And hold onto Him, with trusting tears
That all of this is true:
His plans are being accomplished,
“For such a time as this.”

Please pray for Aaron and Crystal and their family as they walk through this incredibly challenging loss. They will celebrate her life tomorrow:



  1. Amazing testimony of God’s sufficiency to sustain and offer peace during enormous sorrow and grief. The Law family is an incredible example time and time again of total faith and trust in the one true Savior and King!

  2. So beautiful, Jenn! What a loving tribute to a precious baby girl who will never be forgotten. Glad you posted this…I looked for it all day yesterday! Thank you so much for sharing…<3

  3. So sorry to hear about your friends loss of their beautiful baby girl. Thank you for assuring them that their tiny baby is in the arms of Jesus.

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