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Ohhh, I LoveLoveLove The HairBow Company


I have lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked where I get the girls’ cute tutus and all their pretty hair bows! The answer? The HairBow Company. I am a sucker for having my girls match but finding and buying two outfits that do is often incredibly difficult. I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg to get cute hair bows and headbands, too! The HairBow Company sells many of their items in bulk and offers a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge variety of items (leg warmers, flower clips, hats, marabou, rompers, ribbons, etc.). When I came across their website, I realized they were selling those adorable crochet headbands for about $0.33 apiece! So I may have bought a couple…dozen. And when I saw the tutus, I came up with the “grow with me” picture idea that I did for their first year. If you haven’t seen those pics yet, you can check them out here: Say “Cheese!”, part 2. Oh, and their first birthday shoot is full of tutus and lace, as well: A Frog Prince and Two Princesses.

Well, fast-forward a year and they came across my blog. They asked if I would do a review of their products. I had to think about it for all of 3 seconds!!! They also have provided a discount code for you to go shopping with and save 10%!!! Just enter the code “triplets” at check-out to save even more money…but hurry, the deal ends April 5, 2013!!!

So, now, where are these pictures you say? I’m so glad you asked! My dear friend Sheree Phillips at Sheree Rae Photography captured these shots. I was incredibly impressed. If you have ever had an almost-18-month-old, you’ll know how challenging it is to get one good picture. Imagine trying to corral three almost-18-month-olds and it’s next to impossible. Seriously. I was sweating. And needed a good drink. And was beyond exhausted dancing and waving and baby-talking and running outfit changes and carrying babies through our tall, unmowed grass, etc. And yet…she got so many great ones I had the hardest time figuring out which ones to post!!! You’ll just have to look at lots and lots, I guess…you tell me which ones you’d pick!

And my favorite:

Cute, cute accessories for girls! #couponcode, #hairbows, #photography

So…what cute stuff did ya get at The HairBow Company with the coupon code “triplets?” I wanna see, I wanna see!!!


  1. Yay! These are awesome! Sheree got some amazing shots of the sweet peas! Can’t wait to get some snuggles tomorrow!

  2. aaaahhhh!!! and come June I’m going to have a daughter to dress up!! headed over for some shopping fun right now! thanks for the discount too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Ashlie & Allegra’s response to the pics:
    :::giggle giggle:::
    SoSoso adorable!

  4. beautiful photography! just stumbled upon your blog. Wow, you are my hero. I have twin girls, but three seems like so much fun with just another set of um, complications. I love that you have a boy. We’d like a boy too one day!

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