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Product Review – Local Organic Moms Local Organic Moms - #produce #delivery #organic #farmfresh #orlandoWhat’s up, ladies?? Ok, so the guys can listen in, too! But since we are the ones usually meal-planning, grocery-shopping and meal-making…listen up, girls! If you’re in the Orlando area, life just got easier for you…well, it’s about to!

Not too long ago a friend alerted me to the company Local Organic Moms (heretofore referred to as LOMs…hey, all the cool people do!). It’s a produce delivery company and I thought, “Ok how is this one different than the others I’ve checked into? C’mon, wow me!” And they did. First off, their website is pretty. I’m all about advertising and good marketing when the product is good. I’m impressed because it conveys a lot of thought and attention to detail. I like detail. Anyways, I did a quick search around their website and continued to be impressed…but they don’t deliver to Orlando. Boo. Very big boo.

Ok, so how is my life going to get easier??? Glad you asked. They are going to be delivering to Orlando now!!! That is, if enough of us tell them we want them here. And I knew we could do it. But I don’t want you to take my word for it!! Listen in on a convo I had with a friend, Dusti Stoneman, who has been there, seen it, done it and loves it!!!

JF: What is Local Organic Moms (LOMs)?
DS: LOMs is a company that delivers truly farm fresh, (picked within 24 hours of arriving at your doorstep) organic, local produce currently with plans to add MUCH more (meat, dairy, bread) in the future.

JF: How did you first hear about LOMs?
DS: We were approached by Joel and Michelle Morris, two of the partners, about their idea and were instantly hooked – we wanted our delivery then!  They needed crates to deliver the food in and my husband owns RetroFit Custom Design, a small company that specializes in building various furniture and other wood projects out of repurposed pallet wood and anything else that he can reuse that still has purpose. RetroFit’s mission fits so well with LOMs to do the best for our families and the earth that it was a natural fit.  

JF: What was your first impression of LOMs?
DS: IMPRESSED! Couldn’t wait for the deliveries to start. I struggle with a very hectic schedule (don’t we all?) with running our businesses and having two little ones (our son is 4 and our daughter is 2) running around and it was tough to find time to seek out the good-for-us-food that we wanted. The farmer’s markets are great and amazing and we will absolutely still get to them as much as we can but it just isn’t feasible in our schedules to get there every single week to help with our meal planning. When they let us know that LOMs would deliver to our home – I was sold!  

JF: What is your impression now?
DS: Beyond impressed. I am so thankful for our family to have even a small part in helping LOMs grow and succeed. The farm crates my husband makes for LOMs to deliver the food adds to the nostalgic, good feel that you already have knowing that every single week (or bi-weekly if you choose) you will have fresh, organic food in your house. The items LOMs is planning to add to the delivery service are so wonderful. I am looking forward to having better options for meat, dairy, and even bread coming to my house every week!

JF: I heard you visited the farm – what was the farm like?
DS: The farm is exactly what you picture in your head when you think of farm fresh veggies growing!  We visited only a small portion of the farm and were amazed at how neat and tidy (is that weird to describe a farm that way?) everything was. Seeing my son being able to run around the field in bare feet without worrying about harmful chemicals is something that just gave me a sense of comfort. The fields that we went to had TONS of carrots growing!

JF: What is your favorite thing about LOMs?
DS: The delivery directly to my doorstep. There are no additional fees for delivery. The price is what it is. There are NO contracts. You have control over what you get or don’t get.

JF: Who will most enjoy using LOMs?
DS: There are SO many different demographics that will love LOMs. It’s not just for moms. Anyone who has a busy schedule will greatly benefit from the delivery. Anyone who wants to know their farmer and exactly where their food is coming from will love the farm days that LOMs is planning to have their customers come out and visit the farm and meet their farmer!

JF: Are there any downsides to using LOMs, like an additional delivery fee?
DS: No extra fees! The price is what it is! I haven’t found a downside yet!

JF: What happens if I get something funky like a rutabaga?!
DS: If you don’t want a rutabaga, you won’t get it! The seriously awesome thing about LOMs is that you decide what comes in your crate. If you want 30 rutabagas, you’ll get them!  If you never want one to get near your crate, you won’t get one! They are currently working on releasing their entire website where customers will be able to log in and take full control over their weekly menus!  If you go on vacation, you can put a hold on for that week or two you’ll be gone. It’s amazing what they have coming to give us a voice in what WE want when WE want it!

JF: Do they just do produce?
DS: For now, but in the very near future there will be SO many more additions – bread, meat, dairy, etc. MUCH more to come!

JF: What is your connection to LOMs?
DS: My husband’s company, RetroFit Custom Design, builds the farm crates (out of repurposed heat treated – not chemically treated – pallet wood). We take great pride in knowing that we are a very small part of helping such an amazing company bring good health and good convenience to busy families and people who want good, fresh, organic food!

Awesome, right??? Now, if you have ever been with a produce co-op or delivery before, you’ll know that sometimes you end up with something you’ve never eaten before or are unsure how to use. With LOMs, they will have recipes posted on their website for you!

One of my questions to the staff at LOMs was about the history of the farm. It turns out that, prior to this farm-turned-delivery-venture, they were long-time local restaurant suppliers. Their produce is quite famous as some of the best tasting produce!! And apparently the farm is HUGE. Seriously, have you seen the list of produce that they have available on the website??? This farm has the capacity to grow exponentially which is great for us because it means they can handle the Florida crowd! …I know, we’re not that easy to handle sometimes. =)

Ok, so what’s the bottom line? Here it is: the produce is all organic and all from the same farm. Lots of other organic delivery services gather from farms around the area or even from farms outside of the US (it is very questionable whether these “organic” produce items from outside the USA are truly organic!). This produce is on your doorstep within 24 hours of being picked on the farm. … Did you read that??? That is INSANE. I haven’t come across any other service that guarantees this kind of fresh! Y’all, this stuff is for real!

I know, I know…you’re convinced. Now what? Well, in my veryveryvery humble opinion, the best deal is the “Family Crate.” This delivers a massive box of 30 lbs worth of produce for $75. (There are other options available if, for instance, you want to try a fraction of this amount to see how much you’ll go through.) You can choose weekly or bi-weekly deliveries. Now, $75 may sound like a lot. But if you break it down it averages out to be only $2.50 / lb for the freshest produce delivered to your doorstep – produce you can choose from online while drinking your coffee in your pjs!  I know. Amazing. So, when you go to sign up (click here) you’ll see a link that says “View City Waitlist.” This is the important part. We have to show them we want them to deliver to Orlando! So follow the prompts and you’ll be notified as soon as they are ready to begin delivering down here. Oh, and share the love and let them know who told you about LOMs…k? Thanks! =)


  1. Hmmm…very interesting…just got hooked on local organic co-ops again after a long break…definetly interested in looking into this option though!

  2. This looks like a very cool program! Too bad Orlando is a bit too far away for us 🙂

    • Hahaha! Yes, well, understandably! Are y’all able to find decent produce locally? A lot of our farmer’s markets just buy from the big name produce companies (Dole, etc)!!!! So this has me stoked!


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