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Motherhood Defined

Is it not SO true? I totally did this today! =) But seriously, why not? I spent 12 years strapping on heels and ironing dress pants. I kinda enjoy the yoga pants! Ok, ok, if you know me you know I totally miss my heels and all. But, seeing as I’m no June Cleaver, it’s yoga pants and old conference tees for me right now. Going to Target means I actually put my contacts in and add a little make-up! =)

Poor David…oh, the time I used to spend getting ready for a date! Where did that all go???

Motherhood Defined: #motherhood, #babies

Have you changed out of your pjs yet? =)

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  1. Worse, I slept in the shirt I wore yesterday and woke up and put my jeans back on. Happy Friday!

    • Sadly…this is also something I’ve done. The other day I wore something, slept in it and wore it the next day and slept in it that night…and THEN I realized what was going on!!! I was sinking into mommyhoodism. 🙂

  2. my child is still in utero and most days i succumb to this. so sad. and i’ve totally slept in the shirt i wore that day… and then worn it all the next day. i’m just gearing up for mommyhood early, right? i’m still in my pajamas doing computer work as i type this… a shower IS on the agenda for the day though! i WILL get dressed and ready soon! 🙂

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