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Boutique For A Week – sale week!

Children are expeeeensive! I mean, seriously. And mine are only 18 months old! I figured teenagers and food, college, sports would equal a lot of money. But 18 monthers??? Yep, it’s true. I’ll break it down for you:



Ohhh, such tiny clothes!

Since I got my kiddos all at once, I had to buy anything they needed. No hand-me-downs from previous siblings, even though I have two girls! I’ve been able to borrow a bunch of Noah’s clothes off and on, but I really like having the girls match (you would, too!! =). And, since mine started out in size “preemie,” we’ve gone through 18 sets of clothes in the first 18 months. That’s right. Eighteen. Eighteen full sets of clothes. That’s like buying an entire new wardrobe every single month for the past 18 months! I don’t have a bin of clothes from one of their older siblings to go through. And when they’ve outgrown them, I’m not packing them away wondering when a future sibling will wear them…they’re getting sold! All 18 sets of them. Y’all, that’s a lot of clothes.

Equipment & Toys

Two of the three cribs!!

Two of the three cribs!!

This is where the money flies out the window. We are on our 4-6th car seats. We bought three cribs and two pack n plays (since we were given a third, we only needed to buy two!!). We have three high chairs, three Bumbos, five strollers (read why there are so many here) and two rocking chairs. The list goes on and on (here). And the toys are too numerous to list. Fortunately, I typically don’t have to purchase these in “threes!”

What To DO With It All?!


One month’s worth of newborn dipes! I got some of these from a BFAW sale!

I knew you’d be wondering! Well, I consign and sell it at a local boutique consignment sale. Boutique For A Week is a phenomenal sale that takes place a couple of times a year. So I sell hundreds of dollars a year in these sales and buy tons of nearly new clothing, toys and equipment for about 10-20% of retail prices! It’s amazing. And it’s happening this week! For a list of the days the sale is open to the public, click here…or follow them on Facebook and get real-time updates! If you’re pregnant or a new mom, you can shop tomorrow (before the public!) and come see me – I’ll be volunteering!

Are you shopping or consigning with BFAW? What deals are you looking for? What’s your strategy for shopping at this sale? Leave a comment!

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